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Central BioHub is at the forefront of medical research by providing highly annotated, predefined human biospecimen panels that are instrumental in driving advancements in healthcare and diagnostic accuracy. Our selection includes diverse sets of biospecimens meticulously curated to enhance your research and development processes in various medical fields.

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Sophisticated Test Panels for Diverse Research Needs

Our suppliers have crafted sophisticated test panels that cater to the frequent demands of the research community. These panels reflect disease courses and include a structured series of biospecimens from both diseased patients and healthy donors. By choosing Central BioHub, researchers can significantly save time and enhance the efficiency of bioassays, enabling faster progression from research to application.

Tailored to Reflect Real Clinical Conditions

The disease panels we offer are designed to mirror actual clinical scenarios, making them ideal for assay validation, population-based studies, and the calibration of diagnostic tests. Researchers can access biospecimens like serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and blood biomarker specimens, all precisely tested for specific laboratory parameters and stored under optimal conditions in our partner biobanks.

Real-Time Access and Advanced Search Options

Central BioHub simplifies the process of acquiring the right biospecimen sets for your research through our advanced search capabilities. Our real-time inventory allows for immediate purchase or reservation of biospecimens, ensuring that valuable research time is focused on discovery and innovation rather than sample collection.

A Broad Spectrum of Disease-Specific Panels

Our extensive inventory includes screened sets of test panels for a variety of conditions, including infectious diseases, COVID-19, pregnancy, diabetes, endocrine disorders, and other chronic conditions. These panels provide researchers with a reliable, precise collection of biospecimens critical for studying disease mechanisms and developing therapeutic solutions.

Streamlined Procurement and Support

By signing up at Central BioHub, researchers get immediate access to our expansive catalog of biospecimens. Our streamlined procurement process ensures that you can quickly secure the necessary samples for your studies, supported by the expertise of our experienced professionals. This support allows researchers to focus more on their critical work, confident in the quality and relevance of their biospecimens.

Central BioHub invites researchers, clinicians, and laboratory professionals to explore our diverse range of human disease panels and test panels available online. By providing these crucial tools, we aim to empower the research community to achieve significant medical breakthroughs and enhance patient outcomes worldwide.

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Central BioHub - Order biospecimens online.

A panel offers multiple samples of frequently requested diagnoses or parameters at a special price. The panels are designed to e.g. monitor the diseases courses of a patient or arrange a test series including different patient and healthy donor samples.
Panel testing refers to a laboratory test procedure in which a series of tests is performed on a disease specimen for differential diagnosis.
Purchasing our panels make sample selection even easier! It saves precious time and all panels come at a special price offer. Let experienced professionals support you with your Design of Experiment.
Our inventory consists of numerous tested panels of various infectious diseases, COVID-19, chronic diseases, rheumatology, pregnancy, and more. Explore our inventory for more information on available samples.