Our suppliers have put together sophisticated test panels for frequently requested Human biological specimens for research. Depending on the panel, e.g. disease courses are mirrored or the bio specimens are arranged for a test series including patient and healthy donor samples. Let experienced professionals support you and save precious time for bioassay with our test panel. Also, explore advanced search options to order human biospecimens for research by clicking CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.

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An Insight into Human Disease Panel We Offer

Boosting medical research, Central BioHub offers a highly annotated predefined set of human biospecimen panels such as biomarker test samples and other clinical research specimens ideal for assay validation, population-based studies, calibration of diagnostic testing, and more.Simply save your time looking for a set of samples and get our pre-collected panels that will boost your research. Panels contain a collection of human biofluids serum, plasma, urine, CSF, blood biomarker specimens, etc precisely tested for specific laboratory testing and stored in perfect conditions at our partner’s biobank. Moreover, samples available in our real-time inventory are immediately available for purchase or can be reserved by registering as a customer with us.  We offer screened sets of test panels for infectious diseases, COVID-19, pregnancy, elderly people, rheumatoid, hormonal disorders, diabetes, endocrine disorders, and other chronic disorders. Browse our inventory for more information on the available human disease panels and test panels online.