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Central BioHub is a leader in providing a wide range of bio samples that are specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of researchers worldwide. Our commitment to advancing medical research is evident in the precision and versatility we bring to the table with our sample volume subcategories - small volume samples, medium volume samples, and large volume samples.

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Central BioHub’s commitment to providing human bio samples across several volume categories is a significant breakthrough in the field of medical research. The precision afforded by small volume samples (0-5 ml), the balance achieved with medium volume samples (5-20 ml), and the expansive possibilities offered by large volume samples (20-500 ml) collectively redefine the landscape for researchers seeking high-quality biospecimens. Our platform guarantees that every sample - whether it be whole blood, plasma, serum, saliva, stool, urine, or PBMC, is a driving force behind scientific and medical research advances.

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