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Human plasma refers to the liquid content of the blood in the human body which transports cells, proteins, hormones, and vitamins all over the body. In modern medical practice, blood investigation plays a significant role in accurate diagnosis and disease monitoring. Moreover, it is considered the cornerstone of current laboratory research.

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Advancing plasma medical research, Central BioHub brings a plethora of high-quality human plasma samples ethically sourced from patients and healthy donors of different ages, sex, and ethnicities. Browse our inventory and secure your research samples today. 

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Central BioHub is an all-in-one solution for human biospecimens. We are a team of biomedical scientists intrinsically motivated to accelerate medical research for a rewarding breakthrough. Since 2017, Central BioHub is the leading online biospecimen marketplace and trusted biosample partner for various pharmaceutical, biotech, government and non-governmental research institutions nested in different parts of the world. Quality is our DNA - Central BioHub offers no compromise to the quality of biospecimens we offer. Therefore, we provide human biospecimens using the most hygienic and advanced clinical diagnostic methodologies.

Today studies on human blood specimens are crucial for gaining molecular understanding about diseases. Accelerating human plasma research worldwide, Central BioHub brings thousands of superior quality human blood plasma samples ethically derived from voluntary donors of every age, gender, and ethnicity. We offer human plasma samples in different quantities in a wide range of matrices, including ACD, Citrate, CPD, CPDA, EDTA, K2 EDTA, K3 EDTA, Na EDTA, Heparin, NaHep, LiHep, K Oxalate and NaF. All plasma research samples are well tested and available with the complete clinical profile. Ensuring quality and maintaining physiological properties, all plasma samples in predefined volumes are stored at <-18 degrees Celsius at perfect conditions to conserve the inherent properties needed for the successful establishment of the investigation. Customer satisfaction and quality services are our priorities. Therefore, we assist you in each step of biospecimen acquisition. Reach out to us to procure the most authentic human plasma biospecimens.

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Human plasma samples refers to the liquid portion of the blood. It is obtained after centrifuging blood specimens added with anticoagulants and carefully separating the blood cells from the liquid part.
Donated human plasma are mainly used for the treatment of severely ill patients with trauma, burn, shock, cancer and more. Plasma transfusion helps to restore the blood volume and electrolyte level of the patients. It is also widely used in the biomedical and diagnostic industries for the research and development of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic agents.
Human plasma is composed of 90 percent water and 10 percent of proteins, ions, dissolved gases, and nutrients essential for maintaining body homeostasis.
Accelerating human plasma research, Central Bio Hub brings millions of human plasma samples ethically sourced from patients and healthy individuals of different ages, gender, and ethnicity. Researchers can easily procure available human plasma samples through our online human biospecimen marketplace.