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Access Thousands of Tropical Disease Biospecimens Now Online

Tropical disease - A snapshot at disease burden

According to an estimation of the WHO, every year, 700 million people are diagnosed with Tropical diseases, accounting for over 725,000 million fatalities. Tropical diseases are mainly mosquito-borne infections highly prevalent in different parts of tropical countries and are the leading cause of health and economic burden.  Therefore, mosquitoes are known as ‘the deadliest animal on earth’. The common tropical diseases that spread through different mosquito species include Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, West Nile virus, Zika disease, yellow fever, etc. Among them, Malaria is the most widespread, infecting more than 200 million people annually. Despite continuous efforts to prevent the disease outbreak and curb the spread, mosquito-borne diseases are the leading disease endemic.

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Every disease control program requires extensive study. The increasing prevalence of tropical diseases alerts national health authorities in many developing countries to accelerate tropical infection research programs for more efficient public health measures for disease control and eradication. It necessitates more efficient, faster, and dependable diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs.

Today, human biospecimens collected from patients act as an ideal disease model to support next-level in-vitro research. It has opened the gateway to immense possibilities to broaden the field of molecular biology, infectious biology, diagnostic, health economic, and therapeutic research. Promoting tropical disease research  is critical for reducing current tropical illnesses and limiting potential new infections that may emerge in the future.

Central BioHub composes an inventory with 1000+ tropical infection specimens collected from patients diagnosed with different mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, chikungunya, West Nile virus illness etc. We offer tropical disease biospecimens such as human serum, plasma, and saliva samples thoroughly screened for the following infection parameters:

  • Chikungunya IgG and IgM

  • Dengue IgG and IgM

  • West Nile Virus IgG and IgM

  • Chagas IgG and more

On top of this, customers can directly access all available sample details such as the clinical profile and donor’s demographic data like age, gender, ethnicity and more.

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You can also explore more advanced search options to order tropical infection biospecimens by clicking clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.

Tropical diseases refer to a group of diseases prevalent in tropical and subtropical countries. Common tropical diseases are malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, West Nile disease, Chagas disease, Tuberculosis, Zika virus disease, etc.
Residents and frequent travelers to places where tropical infections are endemic, such as tropical and subtropical nations, are more likely to contract diseases. It is highly prevalent in less developed and poorer nations because of poor living standards, poor sanitary conditions, a lack of access to safe drinking water, unhygienic living situations, and poor access to medical care.
Tropical infection biospecimens are precisely tested serum, plasma and saliva samples collected from patients diagnosed with various tropical infections such as Malaria, Dengue, Chagas, Chikungunya, Zika, West Nile virus, etc. All samples are well preserved at our biobank and ideal for research and development.
If you are searching for high-quality tropical disease biospecimens for research, you must certainly check out Central BioHub. It provides a wide array of online human biospecimens including serum and plasma exclusively for biomedical R&D. You can order tropical disease biospecimens directly from our website in a few steps. Browse our inventory and select the matching research samples you are looking for, add them to the cart, login into your customer account for the payment and check-out process. You will receive an order confirmation instantly to your registered E-mail ID. The ordered research samples will be delivered to your location at the earliest.