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Central BioHub harness human samples for research

Banner Central BioHub harnessing human biomaterials to lead medical research globally

Central BioHub harnessing human biomaterials to lead medical research globally

Autoimmune diseases are the lifelong condition caused by the overactive immune system that mistakenly attacks the healthy to destroy them. Banking human biomaterials for research is vital for accelerating medical discovery. With the growing prevalence of autoimmune diseases, research is essential for discovering novel drug therapy for effective treatment to improve patient outcomes.

Central BioHub speeds up sample acquisition.Order Autoimmune Disease Research Samples.

Central BioHub is the smartest online marketplace using advanced data-driven technology to increase the accessibility to banked human biospecimen across the globe. We connect global biobank to researchers with our online human biospecimen marketplace. Our inventory contains autoimmune disease serum and plasma samples collected from Patients suffering from autoimmune disease symptoms and autoimmune conditions. All autoimmune disease patient samples are ethically sourced from consented donors by strict adherence to the IRB protocols and Declaration of Helsinki and Taipei. We provide samples incisively tested for autoimmune parameters and auto-antibodies to confirm the illness. Also, the research specimens are hyper annotated with complete clinical profiles, patient demographics, and medical history to provide precise insight into the patient’s disease state. Global researchers can now easily procure human biosamples via complete online procurement from any location to support  latest research on autoimmune diseases.

Yes, Central BioHub has successfully simplified the biospecimen acquisition process of autoimmune disease biospecimen from months to minutes. To keep the system running, an adequate supply of human biospecimens is essential. Therefore, we welcome you to contribute to the upcoming medical discoveries by digitally offering your Human Autoimmune Disease Samples to researchers worldwide. Our next-generation marketplace has many unique features that can excite you. It includes:

  • Advanced data-driven technology
  • Integrated Supplier Panel for inventory management
  • 100+ clinical search filters
  • 24/7 display of your banked samples
  • Free guided onboarding with no sign-up cost
  • High ethical standards and more

Browse the latest list of autoimmune diseases samples on our website. Also, explore advanced search options to order autoimmune biospecimens by clicking CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.

The term human biospecimen refers to any substance that is derived from the human body for research purposes. The term encompasses serum, plasma, whole blood, CSF, urine, saliva, hair, tissues, cells, bones, organs, etc., collected from patients during any diagnostic or clinical procedure and surgery.
The study of human biospecimens is crucial to any clinical research project. The use of human biospecimens helps to understand diseases and their progression, thus assisting in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases. On the other hand, human biospecimens are also used in biomedical research to gain a better understanding of both human biology and disease pathophysiology, which will help guide future medical and diagnostic discoveries.
Central BioHub is one of the most trusted human biospecimen providers catering to the demands for high-quality research specimens for clinical research. Our partner suppliers are world-class, certified biobanks or biorepositories with millions of banked human biospecimens collected from patients and voluntary donors across the globe.
Central BioHub offers a meticulous collection of human samples ethically collected from voluntary donations from healthy donors and patients with various diseases. Our inventory has millions of research specimens in different matrices such as human serum, plasma, urine, whole blood, and PMBC, all readily available for online purchase. The samples are tested, well-annotated, and perfectly preserved to accelerate research. Browse our online inventory samples, select your interested samples by applying suitable clinical search filters and add them to your cart. Further, log in to your customer account and proceed to payment and checkout. You will receive an order confirmation from Central BioHub, and the ordered samples will be delivered to you in 4 to 7 business days.