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Discover thousands of STD specimens at one place

The term sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) refers to infections that are very contagious and spread from one person to another through unprotected sexual contact. Specifically, STDs spread when a person has vaginal, anal, or oral contact with a partner who is infected or contacts several partners who are infected. Also, it is referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STIs). With millions of individuals of all ages becoming infected every day, sexual illnesses are currently the number one global epidemic. Moreover, parenteral drug misuse, contact with contaminated blood and blood products, and transmission from mother to child all contribute to the spread of sexual illnesses. The majority of people, however, have no symptoms and frequently go untreated until the disease progresses because they go unrecognized in the early stages of sickness. Therefore, increasing research to find cutting-edge diagnostic tools and cures for these debilitating diseases is critical. Let's quickly review the most prevalent STDs right now.


Common STDs at a glance:

Syphilis, human papillomavirus infection (HPV), HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, hepatitis, and herpes simplex are common STDs. Bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses cause it. Most STDs can be efficiently treated by early diagnosis and prompt start of the right treatment. At the same time, there is currently no treatment or cure for the fatal infection known as HIV/AIDS.

Most often, treatment for STDs may be postponed because infected people are afraid to visit the doctor. Another reason why individuals avoid therapy is their fear of social stigma. The greatest strategy to prevent sexual infections is to discuss STD prevention and engage in safe, hygienic sexual activity.


Millions of STD patient samples are available for research

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Also, we offer advance sample search options to order STD samples for research by clicking CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.



Common sexually transmitted diseases are chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis, human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis, and herpes. These are dreadful infection that spread through unprotected sexual contact or through exposure to blood and blood products of the infected individuals.
STDs caused by bacteria can be cured by early diagnosis and timely initiation of antibiotic therapy. In contrast, viral STDs cannot be cured but can be managed by timely initiation of treatment.
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