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Cell Products Range

Banner Diverse High Quality Cell Products for Biomedical Research

Diverse High Quality Cell Products for Biomedical Research

Central BioHub understands the importance of high-quality human biospecimens in the field of biomedical research. Our collection of human cell products meets the precise needs of researchers seeking reliable, high-quality materials for their biomedical studies.

Unmatched Variety and Quality: Our Cell Product Range

Our marketplace has an extensive array of cell products that cater to the nuanced demands of biomedical research. Our portfolio includes peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), B cells, T cells, and stem cells. We understand that the integrity of research depends heavily on the quality of its foundational materials, which is why we ensure that each specimen meets the highest standards of purity and viability.

To accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, we offer both pools and cell pellets. This flexibility allows researchers to select the format that best suits their experimental designs and research objectives. Whether you are conducting complex immunological assays or engaging in regenerative medicine studies, our products provide the reliable, high-quality basis you need to achieve accurate and replicable results.

Key Features of Our Cell Products

Our commitment to supporting the scientific community is reflected in the detailed specifications of our cell products. Here are some of the key characteristics of our offerings:

  • Quantity: We offer up to 50 million cells, ensuring that you have sufficient material for both small-scale experiments and larger, more comprehensive studies.
  • Diagnosis: Our range includes cells from patients diagnosed with conditions such as Grave’s disease and Rheumatoid arthritis, as well as healthy donors. This variety supports a broad spectrum of research focuses, from understanding disease mechanisms to testing therapeutic interventions.

Enhancing Research Efficiency and Effectiveness

Choosing Central BioHub as your biospecimen provider means not only receiving high-quality products but also benefiting from our optimized procurement and delivery processes. Our streamlined online platform allows researchers to easily browse and select the specific cell types and specifications they need. We ensure that each order is handled with utmost care, maintaining the viability of the cells from procurement through to delivery.

Find Cell Products for your studies on our website:

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Our marketplace offers a comprehensive range of cell products, including PBMCs, B cells, T cells, and stem cells. We provide these in various formats like pools and cell pellets to cater to diverse research requirements.
Yes, we offer cell products sourced from both healthy donors and those diagnosed with specific conditions like Graves disease or rheumatoid arthritis. This diversity allows researchers to conduct studies across a wide range of health conditions.
Our cell products are available in quantities ranging up to 2 mL or up to 50 million cells, providing sufficient material for a broad range of research scales, from small pilot studies to comprehensive investigations.
Our user-friendly online platform enables researchers to search and filter products based on various parameters, such as clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory values. You can easily select the most suitable cell types and specifications for your experiments.