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Specialized HIV Samples

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Elevate Your Research with Specialized HIV Samples

Central BioHub is dedicated to providing researchers with high-quality HIV samples. Our comprehensive collection helps advance HIV research by providing a variety of samples that meet rigorous scientific standards.

Sample Specifications

Our HIV samples come with detailed specifications to ensure they meet diverse research demands. Here’s what researchers can expect from our specimens:

·       Matrix: Available matrices include Plasma, Plasma EDTA, and Serum, catering to various research preferences and requirements.

·       Lab Parameters: Our samples are tested for several markers, including HIV, HIV-1 p24 antigen, HIV-1 titer, and HIV-1/2 antibodies, providing comprehensive data for in-depth studies.

·       Quantity: We offer a flexible range of volumes from 0.25 ml to 30 ml, allowing for scalability in experiments and assays.

·       Result Interpretation: Each sample is classified as either Positive or Reactive, which helps in precise selection for specific research outcomes.

Advantages of Using Central BioHub’s HIV Samples

Utilizing HIV samples from Central BioHub offers several advantages that can enhance the quality and efficiency of your research:

·       Quality Assurance: All specimens are collected using standardized, stringent procedures to maintain high quality and reliability.

·       Comprehensive Data: Each sample comes with detailed demographic and clinical data, ensuring researchers can make informed decisions while selecting specimens.

·       Flexibility: The wide range of sample types and quantities available allow researchers to tailor their orders to suit specific study needs, whether it's for small-scale preliminary studies or large-scale trials.

How to Access Our HIV Samples

Accessing our high-quality HIV samples is straightforward. Researchers can easily browse our online catalogue, which is designed for intuitive navigation and efficient selection. Once you choose and order the desired samples, our team and partners will assist with the seamless handling and delivery of your order, ensuring that you receive your specimens in perfect condition ready for your research.

Find HIV Samples for your studies on our website:

·       https://centralbiohub.de/biospecimens/sexually-transmitted-diseases/hiv

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Central BioHub provides a variety of HIV sample types, including Plasma, Plasma EDTA, and Serum. These are available with various lab parameters such as HIV, HIV-1 p24 antigen, HIV-1 titer, and HIV-1/2 antibodies.
Yes, Central BioHub allows customization of sample orders. Quantities range from 0.25 ml to 30 ml.
Alongside each sample, Central BioHub provides comprehensive data including the sample matrix, volume, test results (Positive or Reactive), and available demographic and clinical data of the donor. This information aids researchers in selecting the most appropriate samples for their studies.
Ordering is facilitated through our easy-to-use online catalogue. Researchers can browse, select, and order samples directly from the website.
Yes, Central BioHub ships HIV samples internationally, adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements for the transport of biological materials across borders. Please contact us on info@centralbiohub.com for specific details and requirements for international orders.