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Enhanced features on Central BioHub

Banner Enhanced features on Central BioHub

Enhanced features on Central BioHub

In the rapidly evolving world of scientific research, having seamless access to procure the right bio samples is crucial. Central BioHub, your trusted online bio sample marketplace, is excited to announce a suite of new features designed to streamline the biospecimen search and the procurement process. Our latest updates focus on enhanced search functionality, improved Excel export capabilities, optimised performance, and usability as well as advanced filter functions.

Enhanced Search Functionality:

The key to efficient bio sample procurement is finding the samples you need promptly and accurately. We've redesigned our search engine to provide you with more precise and relevant results. Key improvements include smart search suggestions and speed improvements.

Excel Export for Search Results:

Understanding the need for effective data management, we've introduced an enhanced Excel download feature. Now, you can easily export your search results into a well-organised Excel spreadsheet. This feature is perfect for researchers who require offline bulk data analysis, want to share the findings with team members and want to maintain the records.

Performance Usability:

We've focused on enhancing the overall performance and usability of our website. Our improvements ensure faster page load times, intuitive user interface and mobile optimization.

Advanced Filter Functions:

To further refine your search for bio samples, we've introduced better filter functions. The filter parameters have been updated to support you in every step of your journey.

We are committed to providing the scientific community with an efficient, user-friendly platform for biospecimen procurement. These new features are our commitment to enhancing your research capabilities while speeding up the process. Explore our updated platform today and experience the future of buying human bio samples online.


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