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Go Digital Upgrade Your Style of Biosample Acquisition

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Go Digital Upgrade Your Style of Biosample Acquisition

Explore world's Largest human biospecimen marketplace and readily procure research samples in a few clicks from various biospecimen suppliers, biobanks and biorepositories scattered across the globe. Get started with CentralBioHub leading online marketplace, for a life-changing experience!

Our highlights:

  • Advanced data-driven technology

  • 800,000+ banked biosamples real-time inventory

  • Dedicated customer panel to manage orders, quotes, and reservations

  • 100+ clinical search filters for expert search

  • 200+ Human biospecimens biobanks as suppliers

  • Free registration and guided tutorial

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Accelerate diagnostic and clinical research to make the world a healthier place to live in. Explore search options to order biological specimens for research by clicking on clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.

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Central BioHub connects researchers to the global biobanks and biorepositoories to ease the biospecimen aquisition easier and faster. Using data-driven digital technologies, Central BioHub is an online human biospecimen marketplace that makes it easier to buy and sell priceless human biospecimens for research. To hasten the discovery and development of new medications and diagnostics, we provide the broadest collection of human samples, including whole blood, urine, CSF, serum, and tissues, ethically collected from around the globe.
Central BioHub aims to bring high-quality, richly annotated human biospecimens together to make the biosample acquisition processes simple, fast, and compliant through our advanced data driven online human biospecimen marketplace.
A group of life science experts founded Central BioHub as a science-driven organization to streamline the laborious acquisition of biospecimens. Being an online marketplace, we accept orders for human specimens from anybody involved in ethical research, including academic researchers, in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry participants, pharmaceutical or biomedical CROs, and scientists who work in the life science industries. Prior to completing the order request, Central BioHub, however, performs a Buyer verification process.
Central BioHub is an  innovative data-driven digital marketplace  that brings together millions of priceless human specimens that have been stored at biobanks and biorepositories around the globe .Global researchers can readily procure high-quality, high throughput research specimens directly from our website. Moreover, Central BioHub ensures the fastest international delivery of ordered research samples to your locations.