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In the present decade, medical and diagnostics research has stepped up its pace to fight against diseases to improve prognosis and therapy in the future. Researchers worldwide strive diligently to explore the newer ways of clinical trials, which is more beneficial and economical with no compromise to the quality. While the competition between the pharma companies intensifies, there is a pressing demand for escalating the number of  clinical research and trials. Of course, clinical trials on real human volunteers are both riskier and cost cumbersome for the sponsor companies. Besides, in any clinical trial, enrolment of the proper study population, participant retention from study initiation to closeout, and prospective follow up can be very challenging. At the same time, timely monitoring obtaining final evaluated data depends on the retention of the principal investigator and research participants. Therefore, the current scenario calls for a sound strategy and sustainable human model to cope with this situation.

Human biospecimens - An alternative to in-vitro models.

Greater competition among pharmaceutical companies and a rise in clinical trials is ramping up the scope of banked human specimens such as blood samples, Immune Cells & Tissue Samples as a promising alternative to biomedical research. Human bio specimens are anything that originates from the human body used for biomedical, clinical research and trials purposes. Human specimens obtained from patients and healthy donors can provide precise insight into the disease and its pathway at a molecular level. It includes serum , plasma, urine , CSF, feces, tissues , and cell lines collected from consented individuals and stored at well equipped, highly sophisticated biobanks and biorepositories. Although animal models or specimens have their legitimacy, especially during preclinical trials, the molecular features can sometimes be unmatched to human response to the diseases. Recent studies show that mice are a poor model with limited transferability for studying human inflammatory states at the genetic level. Therefore, nowadays, biomedical researchers and research institutes use samples of human specimens to develop diagnostics in-vitro study human models to gain more accuracy and validity to the research outcomes.

Moreover, it largely reduces animal exploitation by cutting down the number of animals utilized in clinical research. Furthermore, in-vitro human models can ultimately offer a deeper understanding and light the path to developing individualized therapies and pharmacogenomic research in the future. Therefore, human bio specimens undoubtedly can open the casket of opportunities in biomedical industries since it directly connects people to science.

Are human specimens reachable for biomedical researchers?

Every human biosample matters. Human specimens and human tissue collected from people are banked at different public and commercial biobanks located at various world locations. Setting up a biobanking unit for collecting, storing and distributing human bio specimens is highly expensive. The principle of biobanking is to preserve valuable human samples for clinical research use in future. At the same time, biobanking industries are highly fragmented, lack better coordination and remain unreachable or unknown to the researcher community. For this reason, millions of valuable human bio specimens are stored in the biobank’s freezer and remain unutilised forever.

Moreover, stringent regulatory requiring and non-user-friendly pathway of biospecimen procurement make it further complicated and presents a bitter experience for the researchers. All efforts often end up nowhere without finding matching biological specimens  or disease state biospecimens for research. Hence, it calls for a more resilient, simplified process for streamlining the global biospecimen process.

Central BioHub opens digital markets to human specimens

Central BioHub is the first-ever online human biospecimen marketplace incorporating data-driven technology. We streamline the tedious and time-consuming process of biospecimen procurement. Thanks to the digital era, technology is finding its way to biomedical research grounds. Embracing digital technology to level up the scope of human biospecimen, Central BioHub assimilates millions of premier quality human specimens and human tissue banked at different locations to reach biomedical scientists easily. We apply our knowledge to lead the human biospecimen revolution by connecting global biobanks to the researcher community and research institutes. As a result, the acquisition of human bio specimens for biomedical research is fast, easy and compliant.

Our online human bio specimen marketplace shows real-time inventory of millions of human biospecimens for research  which can be explored with 100+ clinical search filters to find the perfectly matching biological specimens for your clinical research needs. Moreover, we provide individualized customer-centric support for biosample procurement. Hurry up, place your order with Central BioHub, relax and sit back; we bring your clinical research sample to your laboratory, no matter where you are located. Explore our inventory and accelerate your research project now. Also, explore human biospecimens by advanced search options to order clinical research samples by clicking on clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.


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Human specimens are any substance collected from healthy humans, or it is the residual human samples after diagnosis stored for in-vitro studies or research. It includes human body fluids, tissues, cells, DNA, and organs.
All human specimens are potentially hazardous and may or may not be infectious. Therefore, human specimens are handled with utmost care without exposure or spilling and stored at cryogenic units devoid of cross-contamination.
Human specimens are essential for normal and pathological laboratory investigation. They are widely used to diagnose diseases, monitor patients, and perform therapeutic, diagnostic and epidemiological research.
Yes, it is possible to buy human specimens for research via Central BioHub. Researchers can readily procure high-quality human specimens banked at our supplier’s biobanks through our online human biospecimen marketplace. Explore our inventory to place orders.