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Central BioHub is one of the most trusted E-commerce platforms for buying and selling human biospecimens online. Our biospecimen marketplace enables the easy online procurement of high-quality human biomaterials or clinical specimens for research. We connect world-class biorepositories to biomedical researchers and enable access to valuable biological specimens. Founded in 2017, Central BioHub has become a leading biospecimen provider for different pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and diagnostic research organizations located around the world. The researcher's community appreciates our zealous services, and we remain the favorite human biosample provider for millions of clinical researchers and scientists globally.

Human biological specimens from patients and healthy donors have proven to be a valuable resource for in-vitro clinical research and development. Understanding the importance of precious human samples and their potential to contribute to the next generation of ground-breaking medical discoveries, Central BioHub is happy to invite worldwide human biobanks to join our global clinical supplier network.

Every human bio specimen is unique and holds tons of information to unlock next-generation medical and diagnostic breakthroughs. It provides researchers with a precise understanding of human biology and disease pathways. Therefore, your contribution can make a big difference in the scientific and diagnostic and clinical research industry.

Our fruitful collaboration can shape future science.

Expanding our global supplier network, Central BioHub welcomes worldwide biospecimens suppliers, biobanks and biorepositories to join us to offer your inventory digitally to the researchers worldwide at no signup cost. We assure a hassle-free collaboration by allowing every partner to manage its inventory and retain control of your samples through our integrative online platform. We light the path to your banked human specimens to reach researchers easily. Let our collaboration simplify biospecimens and banked human samples distribution more than ever before. Join us!

We promise:

  • Complete inventory control on our website
  • 24/7 display of your banked samples at no cost
  • Compliance Adherence
  • Easy Onboarding Process
  • High Ethical Standards

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Central BioHub is a leading E-commerce platform for buying and selling human biospecimens online. Our smart biospecimen marketplace facilitates easy online procurement of high-quality human biomaterials for research. Founded in 2017, Central BioHub has become a trusted biospecimen provider for different pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and diagnostic research organizations worldwide.
Central BioHub aims to streamline the process of tedious biospecimen acquisition. With our online human biospecimen marketplace, we connect world-class biospecimen suppliers to the researchers and make the sample procurement within minutes. Also, we ensure fast global delivery of ordered samples.
Central BioHub is a leading online human biospecimen marketplace with a vast global customer base. We are the first-ever online human biospecimen marketplace using advanced data-driven technology to bring real-time human biospecimen inventory for easy procurement of research samples online. We welcome global certified biobanks to join our global supplier network and offer a fruitful collaboration with Central BioHub with all advantages listed below. ? Integrated Supplier Panel for inventory management ? Hassle-free onboarding process ? Worldwide Market Access ? Increased Accessibility of Your Samples ? Free guided onboarding with no sign-up cost ? High ethical standards and more
Central BioHub offers a wide array of human samples ethically collected from voluntary donations from patients with various acute and chronic diseases. Our inventory has millions of research specimens in different matrices indented for research use and is readily available for online purchase. Furthermore, we offer samples that are well tested, well-annotated, and well preserved to accelerate biomedical research. Browse our online inventory samples, select your interested samples by applying suitable clinical search filters and add them to your cart. Further, log in to your customer account and proceed to payment and checkout. You will receive an order confirmation from Central BioHub, and the ordered samples will be delivered to you in 4 to 7 business days.