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Let Your Biospecimens Go Worldwide

Central BioHub is one of the most innovative online marketplaces for buying and selling human biospecimens globally. Since its inception, Central BioHub has worked restlessly to devise a permanent solution for improving the bio specimens or biological specimen acquisition process. Therefore, we came up with our next-generation online human bio specimen marketplace for the seamless delivery of high-quality research samples to needy researchers. We assimilate Human biological specimens such as human serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, tissues, FFPE blocks, swabs, and cells banked in different biobanks to a unique online platform facilitating hassle-free online procurement.

We have customers worldwide. 

Today, we stand out in this clinical research specimens supply market due to our quality and transparency in trade relations with our customers and suppliers. Our human biospecimens are of the highest quality, meeting the strictest ethical standards, IRB protocol, and following the Declaration of Helsinki and Taipei. For this reason, millions of customers rely upon Central BioHub for fulfilling their research needs. We have a long history of partnering with leading clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech companies worldwide. Suppliers are valuable to us, and we work together to make a difference. Welcome to our supplier network!

Take advantage of our online marketplace and increase your customer base globally!

Our online marketplace connects global bio specimens suppliers to the researcher’s community by digitalizing their inventory and presenting it to the diagnostic research world. We allow suppliers to manage their inventory through our integrative supplier panel by providing a 24/7 real-time display of banked human samples available for purchase.

Organic support is essential for the success of any initiative. Therefore, expanding the global supplier network of biobanks and biorepositories, Central BioHub welcomes various biobanks and bio specimens suppliers to contribute to the advancement of modern medicine and treatment to facilitate scientific discoveries for improved human health. Do not miss the opportunity to become part of our leading human biospecimen online marketplace. We assure you of a fruitful collaboration with the scope of expanding your business. Also, explore advanced search options to procure human specimens for research by clicking CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.

 Our highlights:

  • Easy onboarding process
  • High ethical standards
  • No sign-up cost
  • 24/7 display of your banked samples
  • Increased accessibility of your samples
  • Highest market penetration

Central BioHub is a leading E-commerce platform for buying and selling human biospecimens online. Our smartest biospecimen marketplace facilitates easy online procurement of high-quality human biomaterials for research by connecting global suppliers to the researchers through our virtual interphase.
Central BioHub is a leading online human biospecimen marketplace with a vast global customer base. We are the first-ever online human biospecimen marketplace using advanced data-driven technology to bring real-time human biospecimen inventory for easy procurement of research samples online. Now we welcome global certified biobanks to join our global supplier network. We assure a fruitful collaboration with your biobank and provide you with all benefits listed below. ? Integrated Supplier Panel for inventory management ? Hassle-free onboarding process ? Worldwide Market Access ? Increased Accessibility of Your Samples ? Free guided onboarding with no sign-up cost ? High ethical standards and more
Since 2017, Central BioHub has become a trusted biospecimen provider for different pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and diagnostic research organizations located around the world. We are a steadily growing online marketplace with fair and transparent trade relations.
Central BioHub offers a wide array of human samples ethically collected from voluntary donations from patients with various acute and chronic diseases. Our inventory has millions of research specimens in different matrices indented for research use and is readily available for online purchase. Furthermore, we offer samples that are well tested, well-annotated, and perfectly preserved to accelerate biomedical research. Please browse our online inventory samples, select your interested samples by applying suitable clinical search filters and add them to your cart. Further, log in to your customer account and proceed to payment and checkout. You will receive an order confirmation from Central BioHub, and the ordered samples will be delivered to you in 4 to 7 business days.