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Healthy donor samples refer to genetically diverse human biomaterials collected from self-reported healthy individuals from donating blood. The research samples are sourced from voluntary donations from different parts of the world from people of varying ages, gender, and ethnicities. In diagnostic research and development, biospecimens collected from self-reported healthy donors act as a perfect control for testing or calibrating the diagnostic method or a device. Also, such samples can contribute significantly to in-vitro human epidemiological research and population studies.

Central BioHub has The Largest Inventory of Healthy Donor Samples.

Central BioHub is a science-driven E-commerce platform founded by a group of innovative life science researchers to simplify the tedious biospecimen acquisition process. Since its inception, Central BioHub has been highly particular about delivering high-quality, well-annotated human biospecimens to the clinical researcher community. That makes us one of the world’s favorite biospecimen providers and a leading biosample sales channel in the biomedical industry.Also, explore advanced search options to order healthy samples for research by clicking on clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.

To contribute towards the in vitro population and diagnostic research, Central BioHub presents you with the largest collection of self-reported healthy donor clinical specimens collected from people of different ages, gender, and ethnicities residing in all parts of the world. We provide fresh frozen, clinical grade human serum, plasma,feaces and biofluid samples extracted from normal healthy donors using customized processing protocols from thousands of normal healthy male and female donors for controls and cross reactivity tests.

Our healthy human biospecimens are clinically annotated and explicitly tested for various human diseases, infection parameters, SARS-CoV-2, and allergies, and are available with detailed laboratory investigation reports. Through our online marketplace, researchers can readily procure healthy human serum, plasma, whole blood samples, urine samples, feces, nasal secretion, and saliva samples including donor-related data. Also, our Scientific Customer Experts at Central BioHub assist you in every step of biospecimen procurement, which makes our service unique and customer-centric.

Healthy donor samples are human biospecimens collected from voluntary donors who has self declared as healthy. It includes banked human samples such as human serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, saliva, tissues, and feces intended for research use and ideal as control for the validation of diagnostic test systems.
Healthy donor samples are widely used in various experimental research as a control for many bioassays and human disease research. Such samples are used for population-based studies or epidemiological studies.
Life science researchers and scientists across the globe can easily procure healthy donor samples from Central BioHub.Explore our online inventory of healthy donor samples, select your desired samples by applying suitable clinical search filters and add them to the cart. Further, log in to your customer account and proceed to payment and checkout. You will receive an order confirmation from Central BioHub, and the samples will be delivered to you in 4 to 7 business days.
Central BioHub offers top quality, clinically graded healthy donor samples in different matrices and quantities. It includes human serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, saliva, and feces ideal for in-vitro drug and diagnostic research.