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Order Well Characterized FFPE Samples for Cancer Research

Benefiting oncology researchers worldwide, Central BioHub provides a meticulous collection of biospecimens sourced from patients diagnosed with different cancers.

We offer richly-characterized and pathologist-reviewed FFPE Blocks for research. All samples are precisely annotated with diagnosis, histopathological data, patient demographics, and country of sample origin and are readily available for purchase.

What exactly are FFPE samples?

Formulation-fixed paraffin embedded tissue specimens are known as FFPE Samples or FFPE tissue specimens. It is a powerful tool widely used in biomedical research and clinical diagnosis to learn about the human body's biology and disease pathways. FFPE is a specialized form of the human biospecimen preservation technique in use for decades. The preparation of FFPE samples starts with the harvesting of biosamples such as tissue and organs from diseased or healthy human donors during biopsies, clinical, and surgical procedures. Excised human tissue samples are immersed in a buffered formalin solution of 10% for 24 hours and then dehydrated with ethanol.

An FFPE tissue block is then created by embedding the tissue into paraffin wax and preserving the proteins and tissue structures. These FFPE blocks are sliced in specific sizes to prepare FFPE samples for histopathologists to examine and approve for research use. For many experimental, diagnostic, and therapeutic research programs, FFPE samples are vital for assessing morphology, molecular characteristics, and protein analysis.

Central BioHub Offers Well Characterized FFPE Samples for Research.

Obtaining well-processed FFPE samples  or human tissue for research is crucial for the success of any study. FFPE tissue block or FFPE tissue sections studies have guided active research on human tissues for centuries. Recently, new techniques such as spatial multiplex phenotyping or spatial transcriptomics have made it possible to combine the spatial information of the tissue with the underlying genetic expression patterns and biochemical landscape. Therefore, well-preserved FFPE blocks or FFPE tissue sections are vital for human tissue studies and directly influence the research outcome. If you are searching for high-quality FFPE samples, check out the latest inventory of Central BioHub. We unleash the most extensive inventory of FFPE samples with a wide range of genetically diverse tumor tissue samples collected from cancer patients. Our FFPE tissue samples are well-preserved and pathologists reviewed them to lead advanced research on human tissues. Moreover, the research samples are richly-annotated with:

  • Detailed diagnosis and clinical profile

  • Mutation biomarker testing: HER-2 receptor, estrogen receptor, and progesterone receptor

  • Tumor characteristics: Tumor size, TNM, histopathology, cancer malignancy stages

  • Cancer chemotherapy

Hurry up, and browse our FFPE sample inventory to buy FFPE blocks or FFPE tissue sections online for research and development.Also, explore advanced search options to search clinical research samples by clicking, by clicking clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.

FFPE stands for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded. It is a widely used tissue preservation method in research. FFPE blocks or FFPE specimens are prepared by treating the tissues or organs collected from patients or human donors during surgery, diagnosis, or any clinical procedure with formaldehyde called formalin fixation. This step is followed by embedding in paraffin wax to form an FFPE block. The sample are later sliced to form ffpe tissue sections.
The FFPE format is widely used in the preparation and preservation of tissue biopsy samples for histopathological examination, diagnosis, experimental, drug, and diagnostic research and development.
In order to guarantee the sample characteristics over a long period of time, FFPE blocks are stored at temperatures between 17 and 22 °C and a humidity of 20 % to 60 %. FFPE samples are not stored frozen as this may harm the structure and quality of the tissue.
Central BioHub offers a wide array of FFPE samples ethically collected from patients diagnosed with different types of cancers, including malignant and benign neoplasm. Oncology researchers can purchase high-quality FFPE blocks well annotated with clinical information, tumor characteristics, size, tumor biomarker studies, histopathological findings, and cancer chemotherapy details. Every FFPE human tissue block is rigorously scrutinized for quality by a certified panel of pathologists and stored at our partner biorepository. Purchasing our biospecimen panels make sample selection even easier! It saves precious time, and all panels come at a special price offer. Let experienced professionals support you with your Design of Experiments.