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Power of Oncological Matched Sets

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Power of Oncological Matched Sets

Cancer research is a critical area of study that requires high-quality biospecimens to advance understanding and treatment of various cancer types. Central BioHub offers comprehensive oncological matched sets that provide researchers with the diverse samples needed for their studies. These matched sets are ideal to facilitate detailed comparative studies and accelerate the pace of cancer research.

Diverse Cancer Types: Offering Extensive Research Opportunities

Central BioHub’s oncological matched sets include samples from individuals diagnosed with one out of 11 different types of cancer. This variety allows researchers to study common cancers such as breast, prostate, and colon cancer, as well as rarer types such as mouth cancer. By having access to such a wide range of cancer types, scientists can conduct comparative analyses, identify unique cancer biomarkers, and explore cancer-specific responses to various treatments.

Comprehensive Sample Types in Each Set

Matched sets provided by Central BioHub include three critical types of samples: Plasma, Buffy Coat, and Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks. These sample types are the ideal tool for molecular, genetic, and histological studies. Plasma samples are ideal for discovering circulating tumor DNA and other biomarkers, while Buffy Coat provides valuable white blood cells for DNA and RNA extraction and FFPE blocks are essential for tissue pathology and molecular diagnostics. This range of sample types enhance the versatility and value of each set for comprehensive studies.

Matched Sets with up to 12 Samples

To support rigorous and detailed research, Central BioHub’s oncological matched sets include up to 12 samples. These datasets are particularly valuable for developing predictive models, innovative treatments and understanding the mechanisms of cancer metabolism and immunological responses.

Ethically Sourced and Quality Assured

Each sample is meticulously collected to maintain its integrity and quality and ethically sourced. Central BioHub ensures that all biospecimens are accompanied by comprehensive donor information, including medical history, treatment records, and demographic data, which is crucial for contextual analysis in research.

In conclusion, Central BioHub’s oncological matched sets are a vital resource for cancer researchers. By providing high-quality, diverse, and well-documented biospecimens, Central BioHub supports the scientific community in its quest to gain deeper insights into various forms of cancer.

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Central BioHub oncological matched sets of11 different types of cancer contain plasma, buffy coat and FFPE tissue samples from one individual. This diversity allows for extensive comparative studies and specialized research into specific cancer biomarkers and treatments.
Yes, all specimens provided by Central BioHub are ethically sourced. We ensure that the collection process adheres to ethical standards and that each sample is accompanied by comprehensive donor information for thorough contextual analysis.
Our certified partners collect and preserve each sample aiming to maintain its integrity and quality. Central BioHub regularly audits its suppliers, ensuring that the biospecimens provided meet our high-quality standards.