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Your Biospecimens can Save Millions Lives!

Respiratory Tract Infections – A global concern

Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are highly contagious airway infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  RTIs are generally acute infections that can be minor or life-threatening based on the type of causative organism and the extent of infection.  Being a droplet infection, RTI spreads quickly from infected ones to healthy people in different ways.  It is mainly transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces or inhalation of infected droplets arising while coughing, sneezing, talking, etc.

Respiratory infections are divided into upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) and lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) based on the location of infection.  URTIs are usually mild to moderate conditions, including the common cold, sinusitis, otitis media, and pharyngitis.  On the other hand, LTRTI can be mild in the early stage and progress to life-threatening soon if not treated; it requires immediate hospitalisation and timely initiation of intensive antibiotic therapy to abate infection.  Common LRTI includes bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, tuberculosis, Influenza, bronchitis, and bronchiolitis.  LRTI are one of the leading causes of mortality and ICU admissions across the globe. With the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the awareness and concern for respiratory infection diseases has been taken to a new level. Even though the pandemic had officialy been declared over in late 2022, there are still new variants emerging and circulating that pose a considerable threat especially for elderly and children. 


According to the estimates, RTIs result in around 180 million antibiotic prescriptions per year in the EU-27 member countries, and 7 million antibiotic prescriptions were written for acute bronchitis and cough in individuals aged between 16 to 64 in the United States in 2003. Against this background, there is an urgent call to strengthen research on respiratory infections to develop newer diagnostics and treatments to control the incidence.

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Explore Advanced search options to procure respiratory infection samples by browsing,CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS. Order biospecimens online.

Central BioHub offers plathora of respiratory tract infection biospecimens such as human serum, plasma, oropharyngeal, and nasopharyngeal secretions collected from patients for disease disgnosis and research. The samples are conscientiously screened for disease biomarkers and pathogenic antigens and stored at our biobanks.
Respiratory infections are one of the leading causes of global mortality, imposing high healthcare costs. It is one of the most contagious infections that spread easily through coughing, sneezing, talking, etc. Therefore, preventing the spread of infection is a great challenge for public health authorities. Therefore, study on human biospecimens collected from patients helps to accelerate research for newer drugs and diagnostics.
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