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Access and Export Biospecimen Details with Ease

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Access and Export Biospecimen Details with Ease

In the ever-evolving landscape of biomedical research, having immediate access to detailed, high-quality biospecimens is a necessity. At Central BioHub, we understand this need and have streamlined the process of accessing and exporting sample details from our extensive online marketplace. Here's a simple guide on how to navigate our platform to view sample details and export your search results for further analysis.

Accessing Detailed Sample Information

Click on the ‘Details’ icon: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for researchers to find the samples they need. Once you've identified a potential sample, clicking on the details icon will open a new page with all available information about the sample. This page is designed to provide a comprehensive overview, including primary parameters and clinical diagnosis, ensuring you have all the data you need to make informed decisions about incorporating the sample into your research.

Exporting Search Results to Excel

Select samples and download results: After conducting your search, you can easily export the results to Excel for more detailed analysis. First, select the samples you're interested in and click on 'download results'. This functionality is designed to support researchers in compiling and comparing data across multiple samples efficiently.

Enter Your Details for an Email Code

To ensure the security and confidentiality of sample information, we ask that you enter your details to receive an email code. This extra step verifies your identity and gives you access to download the sample specifications.

Download the Sample Specification Table

Upon entering the received code, you'll be able to download the sample specification table. This table is meticulously organized into sub sheets for your convenience.

Understanding the Sub sheets

The 'sample list' sub sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the samples, listing primary parameters, clinical diagnoses, and more. Meanwhile, the 'All sample details' sub sheet allows for a deep dive into other tested parameters, offering a thorough review of the samples' characteristics.

Up Next: Streamline Your Sample Ordering Process

Having detailed insights into our biospecimens and the ability to export these findings is just the beginning. To further enhance your experience with Central BioHub, our next video will explore 'Three Ways to Order Samples Efficiently'. This upcoming guide will introduce techniques to streamline your ordering process.

At Central BioHub, we're committed to supporting the scientific community by providing easy access to high-quality human biospecimens. Whether you're conducting genetic research, developing diagnostics, or exploring new treatments, our platform is designed to facilitate your work every step of the way.

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To view detailed information about a biospecimen, simply navigate to the sample of interest and click on the details icon. A new page will open, providing comprehensive information about the sample, including its primary parameters and clinical diagnosis.
Yes, you can export your search results into Excel. First, select the samples you are interested in and click on download results. You will need to enter your details to receive an email code, which, once entered on our platform, allows you to download the sample specification table directly into Excel.
The exported Excel file contains two sub sheets for detailed analysis: the sample list sub sheet, which offers an overview of the samples including primary parameters and clinical diagnosis. The All sample details sub sheet provides additional information on other tested parameters, medication, or patient diagnoses.
Yes, for security and privacy reasons, there is a verification process. After selecting download results, you will be asked to enter your details. You will then receive an email code, which you must enter on our platform to proceed with the download.