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Ace the pace of reaching human biospecimens with Central BioHub online Marketplace! Our story:

In today's world, where everything is changing at a breakneck pace, disease incidence and prevalence have risen to unprecedented levels, escalating demand for advanced medical research to unlock next-generation therapies and diagnostics for better disease management. Human bio samples from patients serve as the starting point for any medical discovery. Therefore, the researchers must obtain matching human biospecimens for research from the target population, both healthy donors and patients , in the correct quantity and quality to progress studies to reach research endpoints. Ironically, this often is the most tedious step in the entire research journey. Often researchers end up nowhere even after investing more time on the research specimen hunt. On the flip side, valuable research biospecimens are amassed in various biobanking facilities without utilizing them.  

What is the solution for this?

Understanding this reality, we decided to streamline the process of biospecimen procurement. Inspired by the modern e-commerce industries and their global acceptance, we introduce the most innovative online platform that globally connects bio biobanks and clinical research organizations to researchers and scientists. Therefore, our marketplace succeeds in simplifying the biospecimen procurement from months to minutes by digitizing and atomizing a major part of the procurement processes.Our motive was to abolish the time-consuming conventional pathway of biospecimen procurement through a user-friendly e-commerce platform tailor-made to fulfill the research needs without hassle.


We are in the mainstream to kindle the human biospecimen revolution worldwide!

Central BioHub was established in 2017 by a team of interdisciplinary, innovative thinkers working reluctantly to build a healthier planet. We are fully committed to reinvigorating research worldwide for a rewarding medical breakthrough by providing easy access to high-quality human biomaterials such as human serum, plasma, saliva, urine, tissues, and more. With the robust idea of integrating data-driven technology, Central BioHub fulfills the research needs in a few clicks. Displaying our inventory as an open-access digital catalog with smart web filters allows researchers worldwide to select and find exactly matching research specimens at ease. Yes, it's as simple as an Amazon online shopping cart!


Happy customers

Our zealous services are much appreciated by researchers globally, and we succeeded in gaining trust from them over these years. Moreover, the speedy delivery of research specimens makes us exceptional, no matter where the facility is located. Moreover, our scientific experts are trained enough to provide individualized assistance to the customers throughout the procurement process. We are proud to be a part of the incredible online human biospecimen revolution and envision a better, healthier world in the future.

Central BioHub is an online human biospecimen marketplace using data-driven digital technology to ease the process of buying and selling valuable human biospecimens for research. We offer the most extensive inventory of human samples, such as human serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, CSF, and tissues, ethically sourced from different parts of the world to accelerate the research and development of drugs and diagnostics.
Since its establishment in 2017, Central BioHub has been a leading online human biospecimen marketplace specially designed to bring human biospecimens together for research. We provide invaluable access to millions of research samples that can be readily procured online.
Central BioHub is a science-driven company established by a group of life science researchers to simplify the tedious biospecimen procurement process. Being an online marketplace, any life science researchers, scientists or businesses within academia, stakeholders from in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) industries, and pharmaceutical or biomedical CROs located in different parts of the world can order human specimens from us. However, Central BioHub conducts a Buyer verification process before fulfilling the order request.
Central BioHub is a first-ever digital marketplace using advanced data-driven technology to bring millions of precious human specimens banked in different parts of the world. Global researchers can readily procure high-quality, high throughput research specimens directly from our website. Moreover, Central BioHub ensures the fastest international delivery of ordered research samples to your locations.