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Human samples are the human biological samples originated and sourced from human beings. It is also referred to as biosamples, biological samples, research samples, biospecimens, and human biomaterials. Human samples are usually collected in connection to disease diagnosis and medical research purposes under the supervision of an experienced clinical practitioner.

There are different types of human samples collected from living and deceased humans widely used in pharmaceutical and diagnostic research. It includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Human organ samples such as fresh, frozen, fixed or sectioned parts of brain, bone, eyes, heart, liver and more
  • Human tissue samples like fresh, frozen, fixed or sectioned parts of connective tissues, skeletal tissues, muscle tissues, and tumour tissues
  • Blood derived samples like blood serum, plasma, whole blood, umbilical cord blood, and buffy coat serum.
  • Body fluid samples like saliva, urine, sputum, semen, breast milk, sweat, and CSF
  • Other samples like DNA, cell lines, proteins, hair, and teeth

In short, human samples are anything and everything that is produced by the human body. Nowadays, human samples are banked at various biorepositories on a large scale for medical research purposes. Biobanking of human samples enables the preservation of human samples for years without losing their integrity and physiological properties. Properly stored human specimens can be a valuable asset to future medical and biotech discoveries.

Human samples craft the future of science

Every human bio specimen is unique, just like a fingerprint. And the contributions it can make to future healthcare are incredible. The study on healthy human biological specimens and Disease state biospecimens presents us crystal clear understanding of human biology. Human specimens can give precise insights into human diseases and its implication on human life. These are extraordinary tools for conducting health research. Besides, It allows gaining a molecular-level understanding of human disease pathways and their relation with genetic variation. To be precise, human biosamples are an invaluable resource for translational research,disease research, drug discovery and preclinical and clinical trials developments. Therefore, modern therapeutic and diagnostic research is incomplete without adequate studies on human biological materials. Due to its high reliability, human bio specimen studies are mandatory in the entire drug discovery pipeline.

Moreover, modern medical science is leading towards developing individualised therapy for patients, especially in the field of oncology, autoimmune disorders, genetic disorders, hereditary disorders, etc. The growing number of these dreadful disease conditions has called for discovering more effective, individualised rational therapy for disease management. Therefore, modern medicine will soon demonstrate a paradigm shift to the personalized medicine concept to obtain the best therapeutic outcome and improve the patient's quality of life. To make this future precision medicine approach real, strengthening pharmacogenomic research on a wide range of human samples are warranted. Therefore, there is an intense need for well preserved, high quality, hyper annotated human biological specimens that can act as in-vitro human models for research. In a nutshell, the human biospecimens market continue to flourish more and more as the scope of study intensifies.

Thousands of human samples from hundreds of suppliers

In any  biomedical research, sourcing perfectly matching human samples is tedious. Often all efforts to hunt appropriate human biospecimens results in nothing. We support quality research for drug discovery and diagnostic advancements to fulfil the research needs. Central BioHub enables access to thousands of human samples ethically sourced from patients and living donors indented for research. We provide cutting edge solutions for human samples for research. Our online human bio specimen marketplace is tailor-made to simplify the process of human biospecimen acquisition from months to minutes.


We offer a wide range of high-quality human bio specimens ethically sourced for consented patients and living donors in different parts of the world. Our inventory is enormous, we offer  human serum and plasma samples , Whole blood, tissue, PBMC, urine, swabs, CSF and more human samples exclusively indented for  biomedical research. Furthermore, our specimens are well characterised, precisely tested, and hyper annotated with complete clinical data and demographic information such as age, gender, ethnicity and country of sample origin.

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Human samples are materials that originate from humans and are collected for diagnosis or research. It is also known as human biomaterials, human biospecimens, biosamples, and biological materials. Examples are blood, urine, DNA, cells, tissues, hair, organs, etc.
Every human sample is unique. Studies on human samples give a precise understanding of the disease pathway and the individuals response to the disease or treatment. It tells about the patients journey and genetic diversity. Therefore, studies on human samples are paramount in developing individualised therapy for better patient outcomes. It also guides advanced diagnostic research for accurate disease diagnosis.
Precision medicine is a newer treatment approach that utilises human samples to gain insight into a patients genetic make-up and proteins to prevent, diagnose or manage diseases. It is widely used to treat cancers, autoimmune disorders and genetic disorders.
Central BioHub provides a wide array of human samples ethically sourced from patients and healthy donors of different ages, gender and ethnicities. We provide human samples that are precisely tested and well preserved at our partners biobank. Global scientists can easily procure research samples through our online human biospecimen marketplace. Please browse our inventory to place orders with us.