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Leftover human tissue samples after diagnosis or histopathological examination can contribute to future medical research. It helps to gain deep knowledge on human cell biology and disease pathophysiology to guide next-generation discoveries. Human tissue samples or human tissues specimens are usually collected through biopsies or surgical resections of solid tumors or organs.

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A deeper understanding of human biology is the key to the success of any biomedical research. Therefore, human tissue research has gained more trust and has become a norm for most medical research areas. Knowing the value of human tissue samples in contemporary research areas, Central BioHub provides invaluable access to hard-to-find ffpe tissue blocks for research. 

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Central BioHub serves as the endpoint for your quest for high-quality human biospecimens  and Biopsy tissue samples. We are a group of young, energetic scientists working restlessly for better science. Biomedical researchers across the globe can procure human biosamples or tissue bank samples through our online human biospecimen marketplace within no time.

Expediting human tissue research globally, Central BioHub offers well-characterized, clinically graded human tissue samples for biomedical research. Our inventory includes fresh frozen tissues or organs, FFPE blocks, and fluid body samples ethically sourced from patients and consented donors. All human tissue samples are well preserved at our partner’s tissue bank and readily available for purchase. Moreover, a research sample is  well-annotated with tissue characteristics, tissue origin, and a complete clinical profile. Central BioHub is keen to immediately address your queries and process your orders by prioritizing customer satisfaction and fair trade practices. Reach out to us to procure the most authentic human tissue samples online.

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Human tissues are the group of cells that form the organs of the human body. The human body comprises four types of tissues: muscle tissues, connective tissue, epithelial tissues, and nervous tissue, which differ in structure and functions.
Human Tissue samples refer to the cells isolated from the human tissues collected during biopsies or surgical resection of solid tumours or organs intended for medical research. It includes fresh-frozen human tissues or organs, normal tissues, FFPE blocks, tissue slides, and body fluid samples.
Human tissue samples for research are converted into FFPE blocks and stored in an airtight container, preferably in the refrigerator at 40C. Besides, it is also stored as fresh frozen samples at -80 0C using dry ice or liquid nitrogen tanks.
No. The human tissue samples offered by Central BioHub are exclusively for medical research.
Yes. Central Biohub is a certified biospecimen provider that supplies human biospecimens internationally. We ship human tissue samples for research across the globe in compliance with all mandatory IEC, IRB, and regulatory standards.