Explore the Abundance and Find the Perfect Human Biospecimens for You! Expert search is a tailor-made solution to improve your search by understanding the precise needs and search behavior of life science scientists and biomedical researchers worldwide. Therefore, we provide you with a wide array of search options, helping to dive deeper into our bio inventory to land on your matching human biospecimens within no time. Our inventory is vast, we offer well-annotated, high-quality such as human serum, plasma, whole blood, human tissue samples, and more for research purposes. Explore advanced search options by clicking CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.

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Buy Human Biospecimens Online from Central BioHub: Leading human Biospecimen Marketplace.

Marking an end to the tedious biospecimen procurement process, Central BioHub streamlined biospecimen acquisition from months to minutes! Through our most straightforward online human biospecimen marketplace, researchers and scientists across the globe can procure their intended clinical research specimens within no time. Central BioHub was established in 2017 by a group of scientific enthusiasts with an innovative approach who kindled the online biospecimen revolution. With the robust idea of intermediating researchers and suppliers, Central BioHub promises you a seamless bio-shopping experience.


Steps to order your biospecimens:

Our inventory is enormous. We offer a wide array of human biospecimens, including hard-to-reach biosamples. It's easy to find your specimens. Click on the respective biospecimen category and search for your intended clinical research specimens by applying suitable filters like diagnosis or ICD code 10, sample specifications, laboratory parameters, and price range. Select the required biospecimens, add them to the cart and proceed to check out for payment. Any queries? Reach out to us. We are always ready to help you

Human Biospecimens are any substances that originate from the human body, previously collected for diagnosis, monitoring, and research. It is also known as human samples, biomaterials, human specimens, biosamples, or human biological samples.
Biological samples or human biospecimen collected from consented patients or voluntary donors are stored at sophisticated certified biobanks with associated data for future research use. Our collaborating biobanks have special cryogenic units and freezers that preserve valuable human samples without losing the specimen integrity for long periods.
Usually, human biospecimens are gathered during biopsies, surgeries, and laboratory tests in order to diagnose, treat, or perform clinical procedures. Sample collection is carried out after obtaining consent from the donor. The specimens with associated information are stored in biobanks.
Central BioHub makes it very easy to purchase human biospecimens online for research. You can register as a customer and browse our digital inventory of human biospecimens. Clinical search filters help to find matching research specimens and place orders digitally. Central BioHub processes your order immediately and prepares it for delivery to your location.