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In any clinical study, blood testing enables us to obtain myriad insights about the disease condition of the patient. Human whole blood samples is a highly valuable raw material widely used in the medical research industry.

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Leading global medical research, Central BioHub offers the largest inventory of human whole blood samples ethically sourced from patients and healthy individuals of different ages, gender, and ethnicities. Check out our inventory of whole blood research samples and place your order today. 

Uses of human whole blood 

Whole blood samples are the fresh human blood samples collected for diagnosis, research, transfusion, or donation. Nowadays, laboratory testing of whole blood serum plasma is one of the most accurate and reliable laboratory diagnoses for clinical decision-making. It can provide clear-cut insights into the patient's health conditions and disease severity. Moreover, in biomedical research areas, qualitative and quantitative studies on human whole blood samples can tell the researcher about the patient's journey of life and the correlation with the disease states. It enables researchers to understand better human biology and physiology to elucidate disease pathways for evidence-based research. Therefore, whole blood samples play a vital role in clinical research and drug discovery. Therefore, blood biobanking industries possess a wider scope and application to lead contemporary and future research.Following are the function of blood in human body:

  • Transport oxygen and other nutrients to different vital organs and tissues

  • Formation of blood clots for wound healing and to cease blood loss

  • Fighting against infections by producing antibodies

  • Regulation of blood pressure and body temperature

  • Removes toxins and nitrogenous wastes from the body

  • Regulation of endocrine or hormonal functions

Insight to Human Whole Blood Samples We Offer

Central BioHub, a leading online marketplace for human biospecimens, offers a cutting-edge solution for global biosample procurement and management. We bridge between certified laboratories and researchers worldwide to make the process of obtaining whole blood research samples more seamless than ever before. Leading in vitro laboratory research, Central BioHub offers a wide range of human whole blood samples or blood biospecimens collected from healthy donors and patients encompassing all individuals. We provide whole blood specimens that have been tested in certified laboratories for routine and disease-specific parameters and are well-annotated with detailed clinical reports. Moreover, to preserve the physiological properties of the clinical research samples, all whole blood samples are stored below -18 degrees Celsius, devoid of cross-contamination at our partner's biobank.

Central BioHub is an open-access digital marketplace creating a breakthrough in the regime of biomedical research. Moreover, we offer comprehensive assistance to your blood sample procurement process with real-time orders management. Our global transport network ensures priority shipping of ordered samples to your location. For more information on whole blood research samples, reach out to us today. We are curious to hear from you.

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Whole blood samples refers to the fresh blood samples collected from the human body for the diagnosis, research or blood transfusion.
Whole blood samples for blood specimens are drawn from the peripheral blood vessel at a small volume into a vacuum tube containing anti-coagulants. These samples are intended for research or diagnostic purpose and are not fit for blood transfusion.
Whole blood samples are not recommended to store at room temperature for more than 7 hours after collection. The blood specimens must be kept at -150C to -200C to preserve the physiological integrity of samples.
Accelerating haematological research, Central BioHub offers thousands of high-quality human whole blood samples collected from patients, and healthy donors indented for research. Every sample is precisely tested and well-annotated with a clinical profile and readily available for online procurement. Explore our inventory of Human whole blood samples and secure your research sample today.