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Specializing in immunochemistry, I need the exact test system and test kit used to measure the human serum sample. The function to download an Excel data sheet with all relevant specifications is superb!

- Elijah, USA

I had ordered 50 serum samples and five days later they arrived frozen at the laboratory. For the materials from other companies, I had to wait up to 8 weeks.

- Victoria Lia, ES

The expert search is ideal for tissue samples, as the status of a receptor mutation or the TNM classes, for example, can be queried.

- Villads, DK

The best feature is that I can check the inventory for updates at any time and from anywhere in the world. An alarm can be set for saved search filters and informs me immediately about newly arrived samples.

- Sigrid, SE

With Central Biohub there is no more e-mailing, calling, or personal contact needed. Quotations and orders can be booked immediately online, which saves a tremendous amount of time. The time that can now be put into rapid test development.

- Daniel Mateo, MX

I am always surprised how much information is provided on the samples. This makes the research more precise and provides a more accurate definition of the cohort.

- Brianna, USA

The research samples are labelled with the ICD-10 disease code, which increases the accuracy of my research and saves me time to ask the biorepository for more details.

- Levente, HU

You have deserved to be called the leading human biospecimenmarketplace

- Nadine, DE

The time was overdue for human specimen procurement to move into the digital era. Requesting sample lists by phone was so time-consuming and exhausting.I came by seeing good Central BioHub Reviews on google. I am greatly satisfied with their service.

- Samuel, IT

I was browsing for online biospecimen suppliers on google. After a test order arrived in time, I ordered all specimens for my project on centralbiohub.

- Hakeem, CA