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Undoubtedly, Central BioHub is an internet store with millions of banked samples readily available. Last day, I ordered AI plasma specimens within ten minutes. Other industries can take a leaf out of their book.

- Alžbeta, CZ

I downloaded the Central Biohub mobile app on my iPhone 12. Now I can browse for IBD sera on my way to work without the need for a laptop. Moreover, It has a user-friendly design with all website features. I loved it!

- Zhara, Qatar

Wow, I made my first purchase through your Android app. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use application with lots of tools and features.

- Elsie M., USA

Previously, I spent a long time in sample procurement of allergy biospecimens, which was tiring. This platform helped me to speed up the acquisition procedure of serum samples.

- George, USA (California)

CentralBioHub was a great help in finding the right samples for my project. Previously, I used to spend a long time in sample procurement. Now, CentralBioHub is my preferred platform for biospecimen acquisition.

- Chiyo, JP

Instead of contacting the sales department, I was able to reserve the desired samples per category and discuss them with the project management team before purchase. This saved a lot of my time without the exchange of Excel sheets or other files.

- Thorben, DE

This webshop for human biospecimen procurement is truly a game changer in the whole biomedical industry. The biggest advantage is that we can directly view every sample detail, without having to make requests as we do with other biospecimen providers.

- Claudia, DE

The FFPE tissue blocks I ordered are of high quality and well-characterised with mutation biomarker testing and histopathology. Also, the package arrived safely in the promised time. I am happy with my first order.

- Mark Peter, DK

Certainly, central biohub has a huge inventory with a professional approach. The customer support team are so prompt in answering queries throughout the procurement process!

- Lucy, USA (Georgia)

It was a great experience to find and order urine samples of healthy donors from Central BioHub so easily. They have a great collection of urine specimens that matched my research requirements, and the procurement process was really simple and fast.

- Kanan, CA