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Human specimens available in different matrices are fundamental to drive clinical and diagnostic research across the globe. It acts as a highly sensitive and versatile raw material for any in-vitro laboratory and molecular studies guiding the development of next-generation diagnostic devices.

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Central BioHub offers a wide spectrum of human bio specimens in different matrices such as human serum and plasma, urine, PBMC, CSF, whole blood, and more to accelerate in-vitro diagnostic, clinical trial, and clinical research. Browse our inventory and find perfectly matching human specimens for your research projects. 

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Central BioHub is a next-generation digital platform for selling and buying human biospecimens for research. We have a long track history of serving renowned pharma, biotech and diagnostic companies to fulfill demands for impactful clinical research projects. Understanding the immense possibilities and precise needs for high-quality human specimens matrices,Central BioHub presents millions of human biosamples collected from disease-state patients and healthy donors around the world.

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All human specimens for research are accurately tested for routine laboratory and disease-specific parameters and are well-annotated with complete clinical information. Adhering to the safety guidelines and IRB protocols for biobanking, all samples are cryogenically preserved at our partner’s biobanks and biorepositories. Researchers worldwide can readily procure selected clinical research samples just by quick navigation through our inventory catalog available online. Additionally, we also have the facility of reserving samples online for future purchases. For more information on research samples, reach out to us today. We are happy to assist you!

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Human biospecimens are any substances that originate from the human body collected for the purpose of research and development. It includes human serum, plasma, whole blood, CSF, urine, saliva, hair, tissues, cells, bones, organs, and many more, sourced during diagnosis or any clinical procedure.
Studies on human biospecimens are paramount in any clinical research. Human biospecimens provide a clear understanding of the disease conditions and their progression, helping in disease diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. In biomedical research, human biospecimens help researchers to gain a precise understanding of human biology and disease pathophysiology, guiding future medical and diagnostic discoveries.
Central BioHub offers a wide array of richly characterized human specimen matrices exclusively for research. It includes: • Human Serum • Human Plasma (EDTA Plasma, K3EDTA Plasma, Li-heparin Plasma, Sodium Citrate Plasma) • Human Whole Blood • PPMC • Human Urine • Human Tissue • FFPE Blocks
Central BioHub offers a meticulous collection of human samples ethically collected from voluntary donations from healthy donors and patients with various diseases. Our inventory has millions of research specimens in diverse matrices such as human serum, plasma, urine, whole blood, and PMBC readily available for online purchase. The samples are well-tested, hyper-annotated, and well preserved to accelerate research. Browse our in-stock biospecimens, select your interested biosamples by applying suitable clinical search filters and add them to your cart. Further, log in to your customer account to confirm your booking. You will receive a booking confirmation from Central BioHub, and the ordered samples will be delivered to your laboratory in 4 to 7 business days.