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Healthy Donors (Self Reported)

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Human biospecimens from self-reported healthy donors are used for testing the sensitivity and specificity of any diagnostic test and method. Biospecimens collected from self-reported healthy donors act as a perfect control for testing or calibrating the diagnostic method or a device. Moreover, it helps in carrying out in vitro population studies.

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Insight to Self-reported Healthy Donor Samples We Offer:

Driven by digital technological advancement and data science, Central BioHub designed an ultimate solution for your biospecimen needs. Our online human biospecimen marketplace fulfills your need for matching research specimens within no time. We promise the quickest and easiest online procurement of human biospecimens. Since 2017, Central BioHub is at the frontline of global biospecimen providers successfully catering to biospecimen demands from clinical research and biomedical researchers worldwide.

Now, we escalate our service by providing thousands of superior quality healthy human biospecimens  such as healthy human serum, plasma, and whole blood samples from self-reported healthy donors of different ages, gender, and ethnicity collected from different parts of the world. The samples are screened for various infection parameters, diseases, allergies, etc. with ultimate precision and well-annotated with the clinical condition, donor details and country of sample origin. Moreover, our inventory is vast. We offer healthy serum samples, plasma, urine, saliva, tissues,  whole blood samples, swabs, and more samples well preserved at our supplier’s biobank. Every sample displayed in our inventory is readily available for purchase and we process every sample request immediately. Moreover, our experts at Central BioHub assist you in every step of biospecimen procurement, which makes our service unique and customer-centric. Contact us for more information on healthy donor clinical specimens. We are curious to hear from you. Hurry up and order healthy samples for research !


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We have a large number of samples from so-called healthy patients. On the day of the blood donation, these donors self-report that they are in good health. If any anomalies or increased markers are discovered during testing, they are not eligible for purchase in this category.
For each sample, age, gender, ethnicity, BMI, height, and weight are typically provided, as well as information on medications, therapies, procedures, and anamnesis data.
The following matrices are available: Urine, plasma, whole blood, serum, swabs, saliva, and feces.
Healthy donor samples are widely used in in-vitro population-based studies. It helps in epidemiological research and assay validation. Besides, it is a perfect control of various biomedical research on human volunteers.