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Largest Collection of Human Serum Samples for Research

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Largest Collection of Human Serum Samples for Research

What human serum tests can reveal?

Human serum, which is the fluid portion of blood after fibrinogen and other clotting factors have been removed, is used for a variety of important applications, including human cell culture, drug testing, tissue typing, and cell therapy research. Human blood serum does not contain white blood cells, red blood cells, or platelets. Today serological testing is an integral part of human medicine and laboratory sciences. The serological test primarily identifies and measures the blood biomarker and pathogenic antibodies that the body produces as a part of the defense against pathogens or diseases. Therefore, clinicians and researchers use human serum testing to diagnose diseases, patient response to the treatment regimen, and determine the type and level of disease severity. Therefore, human serum samples have been an inevitable tool for diagnosis and biomedical research purposes for decades. Furthermore, obtaining off the clot, quality assured human serum samples in ample quantities is paramount for the successful research outcome.

How human serum samples are collected for research

For research, human serum samples are usually collected from the leftover whole blood serum specimens collected for disease diagnosis, treatment, or monitoring purposes. The samples are collected through venipuncture, and the whole blood samples are drawn to a clean, sterile blood collection tube. Later, the human whole blood samples are allowed to clot and centrifuged to separate human serum from other blood components. The supernatant fluid serum samples are stored below -180C at biobanks for research use. Besides, a trained phlebotomist or clinician performs the blood collection to prevent complications.

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Human serum comprises the liquid portion of the blood. Serum samples are isolated from whole blood samples by allowing it to clot and later centrifuged to separate human serum samples from other blood components.
Central BioHub offers the largest collection of human serum samples collected from patients and healthy donors worldwide. The serum samples are precisely screened for the following clinical parameters and available with complete clinical evaluation profiles and medical histories. • Routine blood biomarkers • Disease-specific biomarkers or parameters • Routine Blood biochemistry • Disease-specific antigens or antibodies • Autoantibodies and more
The health status of the patient or donor can be accurately determined by testing on samples of human serum. Blood biomarkers, pathogenic antigens, and antibodies that the body creates as part of the defense against pathogens or diseases can all be identified and quantified by laboratory examination of human serum samples. As a result, human serum samples are required for all types of pharmacological and diagnostic research.
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