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Human Biospecimens

Human anatomy is one of the oldest scientific disciplines dating back to the 3rd century. Since then, human medical research has witnessed several advancements and transformations to reach the point where we stand today. Yes, we have traveled a long way from extrapolating animal study findings to human medicine to evidence-based research practice by confidently enrolling millions of real humans in clinical trial research.

A solid understanding of the human body from the molecular level is the cornerstone of modern medical research. Therefore, today the possibilities of banked human biospecimens are immense. Human biospecimens, also known as Human biological specimens for research, are natural substances originating from the human body intended for biomedical research. It comprises solid and liquid samples from patients collected predominantly during diagnostic tests, clinical or surgical procedures to diagnose or treat illness. In some instances, human bio specimens are derived from voluntary donations from consented donors willing to contribute to research.

Human biomaterials are of different types. Liquid human bio specimens include human blood, serum, plasma , urine, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, vaginal secretion, semen, saliva, DNA, etc. In contrast, solid biospecimens are human tissues, organs, feces, skin, teeth, bone, hair, etc., intended for research purposes. All the collected biospecimens are well-preserved at largest biobanks or biorepositories.

Human biospecimens connect people to science.

Today, human biospecimens pave the path to lead research to the next level. It provides a clear insight into the human body and disease biology. Therefore, it is the key to further groundbreaking medical discoveries and individualized therapies for patients in the future. Besides, since human biospecimens are collected from patients, it guides the invention of advanced diagnostic tests and escalates the performance of the existing ones. Therefore, the scope of human biospecimen research biobanks in modern medical and diagnostic research is limitless - it is the beginning of the next revolution. It is well-proven by the dramatic rise in demand for COVID-19 human biospecimens for urgently expanding COVID-19 research and successful discovery of covid vaccinations. Undoubtedly, in the post-COVID era, the possibilities of human biospecimen research will explode.

How are human biospecimens collected?

Sourcing human biomaterials from human subjects for research and developmental studies is a sophisticated task. It requires expertise in clinical practice. Besides strict adherence to the governmental regulatory guidelines, IRB protocols are mandatory to endorse and validate the entire biosample management. At the same time, due to the constant demand for high-quality human biospecimens, the regulatory landscape is widening and subjected to continuous revisions and amendments to bring best practices into place.

Protecting the rights and interests of every human donor, the research samples can be collected only after a detailed informed consent process explaining the risk and benefits of the donation. Besides, the donors are well advocated with the aim and purpose of study, collection procedure, storage of samples, and use in commercial bioresearch. Furthermore, the samples are collected by a certified medical practitioner and subsequently stored and preserved at public or commercial biobanks for research, documenting full written consent from the donors.

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Human biospecimens encompasses all biological material originating from humans, such as body fluids, organs, cells, bones, or tissues. It is collected for disease diagnosis and biomedical research.
Human biospecimens collected from consented patients or donors are stored with associated data at certified biobanks for future research. Biobanks stores human biospecimens in special cryogenic units and freezers to prevent sample degradation and preserve sample integrity for long years.
Human biospecimens provides deeper insight into human genetics and disease biology. It acts as a vital tool for discovering next-generation therapy and diagnostic devices.
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