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Frozen tissue samples can be obtained by freezing biological tissue at ultra-low temperatures. This process aims to preserve cell integrity and molecular components and to minimize the damage caused by ice crystal formation. These tissue samples play a crucial part in fields of research such as molecular biology, genetics, pathology, and biobanking. Central BioHub is eager to drive research worldwide to help understanding and developing treatments for various diseases and conditions. With our advanced sample search and filter options, researchers are able to find high quality human frozen tissue samples that meet all of their demands for clinical research studies by browsing categories like CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.

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Researchers worldwide utilize frozen tissue samples to study disease processes, investigate genetic mutations, analyze protein expression, conduct molecular analyses, and develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Central BioHub is the leading online marketplace for obtaining human tissue samples easily online within just a few clicks. Our frozen tissue samples are tested for multiple laboratory parameters and come along with a detailed demographic donor profile and clinical diagnosis records.
As a certified biospecimen provider we offer exclusively high-quality frozen tissue samples. Due to years of experience and trustful cooperation with our verified suppliers and logistic partners, customers can be assured that their ordered samples will be handled carefully and comply to appropriate storing and shipping conditions at any given time.

Boost your research with frozen tissue samples or browse our catalogue of human FFPE tissue samples and find samples that match your biomedical research studies. Our scientific employees will assist you at any time and answer all your questions quickly via mail, phone or in our live chat.

Due to the preservation of cellular and molecular structures, tissue samples from miscellaneous sources and time periods can be analysed retrospectively and therefore allow researchers to study disease processes, genetic mutations and gene expression patterns to answer molecular and epigenetic questions.
Frozen tissue samples can be used for molecular diagnostics such as genetic testing or to identify specific biomarkers that are related to certain diseases. Central BioHub helps scientists worldwide to expand their biomedical research studies and aims to empower the discovery of new therapeutical approaches and medical treatments with the largest catalogue of human biospecimens.
Human tissue samples can be stored for several years and sometimes even decades by freezing them at ultra-low temperatures that are typically below -80 °C.
Frozen tissue samples are typically stored in specialized cryogenic freezers with liquid nitrogen, which provide a stable and low-temperature environment for long-term preservation. As a certified provider for human tissue samples, Central BioHub and its partners follow strict quality checks regarding the preparation, storage and shipping processes of specimens to guarantee our customers only high-quality frozen tissue samples at any time.