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The banking of human tissues for research plays a vital role in unlocking the next level of discoveries. Detailed investigation of banked human tissue samples isolated from human donors facilitates deeper genetic analysis of the biological process involved in disease etiology and biology.

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Studies on different types of human tissue specimens help in advanced translational research to discover novel therapeutic agents and potent vaccination to tackle diseases in the future. A human tissue bank refers to a dedicated organization for collecting, processing, storing, and distributing tissue samples from disease-state patients or healthy donors for medical research. Central BioHub assimilates a wide range of human tissue samples sourced from people of different ethnicities and stored at our human tissue biobank. Navigate through our inventory and procure high-quality human tissue samples for your forthcoming research project..

An Insight into our Human Tissue Bank Inventory:

Well-preserved, high-quality human tissue specimens with direct availability are fundamental for carrying out any research. In the modern era of personalized medicine or individualized therapy, there is a great demand for unique, specific, and effective new therapeutics for better management of disease conditions. At the same time it is paramount you have a greater knowledge of the molecular abnormalities responsible for a disease is required for the development of such innovative medicines. One of the most important sources of study for elucidating these molecular changes is tissue samples stored at various tissue bank.Therefore, biobanks are critical requirements for successful biomedical research from an effective and long-term perspective.To tackle the current constraints in the procurement of human biospecimens, Central BioHub introduces the most straightforward online human biospecimen marketplace. We are the first-ever digital human biospecimen marketplace using advanced data-driven technology to bring biosamples to your facility. With the robust idea of bridging certified biobanks and researchers, Central BioHub continues to be the leading online human biospecimen provider.

Thinking forward to the human biospecimen revolution, Central BioHub has partnered with world-class human tissue banks nested all over the world. We offer different types of human tissue samples ethically sourced from patients and living healthy individuals of different ages, gender and ethnicities. Our inventory is enormous. We offer:

Biospecimen or tissue banking  is an asset to future medical research. Every tissue sample we provide is clinically graded, ethically sampled in compliance with the strict IRB protocols and certified by the board of qualified pathologists for human tissue research.  Moreover, the tissue samples are well-preserved at modern tissue banks with the capacity to store millions of human biospecimens for human tissue research purposes. Biomedical researchers across the globe can click and buy tissue samples directly from our website with no waiting time. From our human tissue bank to your research laboratory, Central BioHub promises you a fast, reliable, cost-effective and worldwide delivery of samples. Moreover, our scientific customer experts provide completely customized customer-centric assistance to your whole procurement process of human tissues for research. Contact us now for more information on clinical research samples.

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Tissue bank is a specialised organisation where tissues are screened, collected, processed, stored, and distributed for medical research, education and transplantation.
Tissues samples are collected from consented living donors during biopsies, clinical procedures or surgical resection of organs or solid tissues. Later, tissues are preserved under cryogenic conditions at tissue banks. In some instances, human tissues are also recovered from human cadavers for studies.
Human tissues ethically sourced from consented donors or cadavers are stored securely using cryopreservation and hypothermic storage at tissue banks. It prevents tissue apoptosis and necrosis and maintains the sample integrity for long years.
Central BioHub bring a wide range of human tissues for research ethically sourced from patients and living donors. The samples are well characterised and preserved at our partner’s Tissue bank. We offer thousands of high-quality frozen tissues, tumour tissue, FFPE blocks and healthy tissues for research. Hurry up! Explore our inventory of tissue banks and place your order with us.