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Allergy Research with Central BioHub Samples

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Allergy Research with Central BioHub Samples

Central BioHub is at the forefront of supporting allergy research. With an extensive array of samples tested for up to 60 allergen specific IgE antibodies, Central BioHub's inventory emerges as an invaluable resource for researchers focusing on food allergy testing and understanding grass, animal, and insect allergies.

Details of Samples

The collection includes plasma, serum, and urine samples, offering a wide range of options for investigating allergies. This collection of samples can facilitate a deeper understanding of allergic reactions and can also accelerate the development of more precise diagnostic tools and treatments.

Pioneering Food Allergy Research

Food allergies are a growing concern worldwide, affecting both children and adults. Central BioHub's allergy samples are invaluable for researchers dedicated to food allergy testing. With samples tested for a variety of food allergens, scientists can delve into the immunological mechanisms behind food allergies, explore genetic predispositions, and work toward innovative solutions for prevention and treatment.

Exploring Grass, Animal, and Insect Allergens

Beyond food allergies, samples from Central BioHub provide insights into allergic reactions caused by grass, animals, and insects. These samples are crucial for studying seasonal allergies, pet-related allergies, and severe reactions to insect stings or bites. Researchers can investigate the environmental and genetic factors influencing these allergies, paving the way for improved treatments and preventive strategies. By providing access to high-quality, allergen specific IgE tested samples, Central BioHub is not just supplying researchers with materials; it's empowering them to make significant strides in understanding and combating allergies.  

Sample Specifications:

  • Matrix: Plasma | Serum | Urine
  • Tested for up to 60 allergen specific IgE antibodies
  • Food | Grass | Animal | Insect Allergens
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Our collection includes Plasma, Serum, and Urine samples. These different types give researchers a variety of options for conducting thorough allergy studies.
Our samples cover a wide range of allergens, including those from Food, Grass, Animals, and Insects. This diversity is essential for comprehensive allergy research and testing.
You can browse and order our allergy samples through our online marketplace. Our platform is designed for ease of use, allowing you to quickly find the samples you need and place your order efficiently.
Central BioHub allergy samples offer a rich resource for investigating the immune response to different allergens, developing more accurate allergy tests, and creating effective treatments.