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Amplify Your Reach as a Biospecimen Supplier

Banner Enhance Your Global Reach as a Biospecimen Supplier with Central BioHub

Enhance Your Global Reach as a Biospecimen Supplier with Central BioHub

At Central BioHub, we offer an unmatched opportunity for biobanks, biorepositories, and biospecimen suppliers around the globe. We offer seamless exposure to a diverse, international clientele while ensuring that researchers have access to high-quality specimens for their R&D projects.

Revolutionizing Biospecimen Procurement

Since we started in 2017, Central BioHub has swiftly grown to become a key player in the biospecimen industry, trusted by a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and diagnostic research entities worldwide. Our platform simplifies the procurement process, allowing researchers easy access to a vast inventory of high-quality human biospecimens. By joining us, you will be part of a network that plays a key role in advancing research within the medical and scientific community.

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Control

Central BioHub is proud to be a digital sales channel that empowers the partners to manage their inventory efficiently through our integrative online platform. Your banked samples are displayed real-time to the researchers worldwide and you can maintain complete control over your biospecimens with our advanced data-driven technology backbone. Our integrated Supplier Panel allows digital processing of orders and meticulous inventory management, ensuring that your specimens are showcased to the right buyers at the right time.

Join Our Global Network

As we expand our global supplier network, Central BioHub warmly invites biospecimen suppliers, biobanks, and biorepositories from all corners of the world. Join us to digitally offer your inventory to a vast audience of researchers. We promise a hassle-free collaboration with transparent trade relations and high ethical standards. Make it easier than ever before for your banked human specimens to reach the researchers. Let our collaboration simplify the distribution of biospecimens more effectively.

Join us today to bring your samples into the digital age and make a global impact.

Learn more about how you can efficiently manage and offer your biospecimens on our platform by visiting our 'Sell at Central BioHub' page:


Central BioHub - Order biospecimens online.

To join as a supplier, you must register on our platform, verify your credentials, and meet our quality/ethical standards for biospecimen collection and storage. Our Supplier Management team will get into contact with you and arrange an introductory video meeting to discuss this potential collaboration and explain the details of the next steps before your samples are ready to go online.
We offer a wide range of human biospecimens, including blood, tissue, cells, saliva, and other body fluids, categorized by various clinical diagnoses, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.
Our platform utilizes advanced data-driven technologies, including real-time inventory management and dynamic filtering capabilities, to streamline the procurement process and enhance user experiences.
Suppliers can manage their inventory through our integrated Supplier Panel, which offers tools for real-time control over sample listings and updates. Each supplier is provided with a detailed training on how to use the Panel and our Supplier Management team is happy to assist you in case of any further questions.