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Explore Large Volume Samples at Central BioHub

In the world of biomedical research, having access to quality human bio samples can significantly accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation. Central BioHub is proud to announce our new inventory of large volume samples with quantities ranging from 20 to 250 ml. This range is ideal to meet the diverse needs of researchers and institutions worldwide.

Broad Range of Sample Volumes

At Central BioHub, we understand that the quantity of bio samples can be as critical as the quality. Large volume samples provide you more flexibility while planning and conducting your experiments. Whether you are conducting preliminary studies or extensive analyses for your research, our samples can accommodate your needs and will ensure that you have enough material to achieve optimal results.

Diverse Sample Matrix for Enhanced Research Flexibility

Our new inventory of large volume samples list three primary matrices: Plasma, serum, and urine. These matrices are foundational to a multitude of research studies, offering a versatile resource for investigating numerous diseases, genetic disorders, and more. Each sample was rigorously tested; therefore our catalog of large volume samples composes a broad spectrum of up to 100 laboratory parameters, providing a comprehensive sample profile that can significantly enhance the accuracy and precision of your research.

Ensured Quality and Reliability

Quality is paramount at Central BioHub. Our large volume samples are collected and processed under strictly controlled conditions to maintain their integrity and reliability. Our samples are accompanied by detailed specifications and ethical documentation to ensure transparency and traceability.

Streamlining Research with Easy Access and Delivery

Central BioHub's smart marketplace for human biospecimen has been designed with a focus on maximum user experience and efficiency, making it incredible, easy for researchers to find and order the large volume samples they need. With just a few clicks, you can browse our extensive inventory, view detailed specifications for each sample, and place your order. We are committed to providing fast and reliable delivery, ensuring that your samples arrive in optimal condition and in a timely manner.

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Central BioHub offers a diverse range of large volume bio samples such as plasma, serum and urine ranging from 20 to 500 ml.
Yes, Central BioHub provides a selection of bio samples from individuals with various conditions and diseases. Apply a filter for Clinical Diagnosis or tested Lab Parameters from the left side to refine your search or contact our customer service team if you need any support with finding specific sample requirements.
Ordering from Central BioHub is simple and user-friendly. Visit our online marketplace, browse the available samples, and select the ones that meet your research needs. You can place your order directly through our website once you created a free customer account.