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Lung Cancer Samples in Research

Understanding Lung Cancer with human biospecimens

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, but recent years have brought significant advances in biomedical research and diagnostics. Samples from lung cancer patients play an important role in these breakthroughs as they provide valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms and foster our understanding of this type of cancer, leading to advanced diagnostic techniques and new targeted therapy options.

Specimens obtained from lung cancer patients, such as serum, plasma, and biopsy tissue contain an almost unlimited amount of valuable information. These samples can be used for the detection of abnormal cancer cells, identification of tumor biomarkers and analysis of molecular expression patterns which can help scientists to unravel the fundamental pathways associated with lung cancer.


Improving diagnostic tests with Lung Cancer samples

Furthermore, researchers can use biospecimens from affected donors to develop more accurate and efficient diagnostic assays, aiming for more precision and early detection of lung cancer. This approach is a crucial step in improving the clinical outcome of patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).


Advancing therapies with lung cancer patient biospecimens

In the recent years, more targeted therapies for advanced lung cancer have become available, such as inhibitors targeting specific proteins in NSCLC cells. On top of this, a major focus in current lung cancer treatment research lies on the development of immunotherapies with antibodies. Since these drug targets differ slightly amongst patients on a molecular and genetic level, analyzing samples obtained from lung cancer patients can help to shed light on this mystery.

Central BioHub empowers researchers worldwide with reliable access to a diverse range of biospecimens tested for various parameters and of different origins, making our inventory of lung cancer samples the premier resource to step up their studies. We are aiming to create a collaborative environment without boundaries which accelerates the pace of scientific discoveries and ultimately benefits lung cancer patients through improved detection methods and novel treatment options.


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  • Plasma | Serum | Frozen tissue | FFPE tissue
  • Detailed demographic and clinical history records
  • Diagnosis: Lung cancer | NSCLC


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Lung cancer patient samples provide fundamental insights regarding genetic mutations, biomarkers, and molecular pathways associated with this type of cancer. By analyzing these samples, researchers can gain valuable insights into the diseases underlying mechanisms.
Scientists can discover and improve more treatment strategies by identifying specific mutations and variations in patient samples. These analyses pave the way for the development of personalized therapies with less side effects and improved efficacy.
Central BioHub is the only digital platform where scientists have direct access to a diverse range of lung cancer patient biospecimens. This accelerates the pace of scientific discoveries as scientists save time and costs in finding the samples they need.
Researchers worldwide are analyzing samples from lung cancer patients to gain deeper insights into this disease which will ultimately enhance the development of advanced biomarker assays and other diagnostic tests.