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Major Update on Central BioHub

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Major Update on Central BioHub

We're thrilled to announce a massive upgrade for our marketplace: The streamlined search feature is rolling out to our platform, making your journey of finding the right samples incredibly fast and easy!

Plus, stay tuned for even more improvements on our website that let you browse the largest online inventory of human biospecimens much smoother, faster and more efficient. We're committed to making your search for human bio samples more convenient and intelligent than ever before!

Visit our website at and sign up for free!

The streamlined search feature simplifies and accelerates the sample-finding process, providing researchers with a faster and more user-friendly way to discover the human biospecimens they need for their projects.
The search feature has been enhanced to offer quicker and more accurate results. Users can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience with improved filters and functionality, ensuring a more precise match to their biospecimen requirements.
Central BioHub is continuously working on further enhancements to provide a smoother, faster, and more efficient browsing experience. Stay tuned for additional updates that will make exploring the online inventory of human biospecimens even more convenient.