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New Inventory Count

Banner New Inventory Count Surpasses 300,000 Unique Samples

New Inventory Count Surpasses 300,000 Unique Samples

Central BioHub continues to raise the bar with our latest milestone: a staggering inventory of over 300,000 unique human biospecimens. As your go-to online marketplace for human bio samples, we take pride in providing a diverse range of biospecimens across various fields of applications.   

Diverse Categories: A Panorama of Biospecimen Exploration:

Central BioHub introduces a myriad of biospecimen categories that cater to a broad spectrum of research areas. From pregnancy to infectious diseases, STDs to cancer samples, allergies to autoimmune diseases, and beyond – researchers have an expansive range of options to explore within a single platform.

Pregnancy Samples: 

The enriched inventory includes an extensive collection of pregnancy samples, offering researchers a detailed look into maternal health. With diverse biospecimens related to pregnancy, researchers can embark on studies that contribute to the well-being of both mothers and infants.

Infectious Diseases and STDs:

The expanded inventory is a treasure trove for researchers studying infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Central BioHub provides a robust arsenal of biospecimens, facilitating in-depth exploration into the complexities of various pathogens.

Cancer Samples: 

Central BioHub's commitment to advancing oncological research shines through with an extensive count of cancer samples. The enriched inventory covers a broad range of cancer types, empowering researchers with the resources needed to fuel innovations in cancer studies.

From COVID-19 to Cardiovascular Diseases:

Central BioHub's new inventory count extends beyond traditional categories to include contemporary challenges. Researchers can now access dedicated biospecimen categories for COVID-19, as well as parasitology, cardiovascular diseases, and dermatological diseases. This expansion reflects Central BioHub's commitment to supporting research endeavours that address a comprehensive spectrum of health concerns.

As Central BioHub celebrates this milestone of over 300 thousand unique samples, researchers are invited to explore the wealth of opportunities and diversity within our platform. From traditional research areas to emerging health challenges, Central BioHub continues to be at the forefront of providing the biospecimens researchers need to make impactful strides in scientific exploration. Join us in navigating the abundance of possibilities within Central BioHub's enriched inventory.

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Central BioHub expanded inventory covers a wide range of biospecimens such as pregnancy samples, infectious diseases, STDs, cancer samples, allergies, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders, COVID-19 samples, parasitology, neurological disorders, and dermatological diseases.
Quality assurance is a top priority for Central BioHub. All biospecimens undergo rigorous testing, and Central BioHub adheres to ethical sourcing practices and maintains an ISO 9001 certified quality management system to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the samples available in our inventory.
Central BioHub is committed to continually expanding and evolving its inventory to meet the dynamic needs of the research community. Stay tuned for updates as Central BioHub explores opportunities to include additional categories and types of biospecimens in the future.
Researchers can visit the Central BioHub platform, explore the diverse categories, and place orders based on their specific research requirements. The user-friendly interface and make the process seamless.