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Potential of PBMC Samples for Research

Banner Potential of PBMC Samples for Research

Potential of PBMC Samples for Research

Vital Role of PBMC Samples in Research

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) are pivotal in studying various aspects of the immune response, from vaccine development to cancer immunotherapy. Their role extends to autoimmune disease research, infectious disease modeling, and drug discovery, making PBMCs invaluable in both basic and translational science.

Sample Specifications: Tailored to Your Research Needs

We offer PBMC samples with up to 100 million cells per tube, to accommodate studies of varying scales. Versatile formats including PBMC Cells, PBMC Cell Pellet, and Pools, facilitating a wide range of experimental designs. Samples derived from donors with specific diagnoses like cancer, autoimmune diseases, and also from healthy donors, enabling comparative studies and targeted research.

Stringent Quality and Safety Protocols

We understand the paramount importance of sample integrity and ethical sourcing. Our PBMC samples are procured under strict adherence to protocols, ensuring ethical compliance and donor confidentiality. We maintain rigorous safety controls throughout the collection, processing, and storage phases. Our cryogenic storage facilities ensure samples are preserved at temperatures ranging from -80 °C to -196 °C, safeguarding their viability and functionality for research purposes.

Order PBMC samples for your Research

Central BioHub's online marketplace simplifies the process of obtaining high-quality PBMC samples. Our supplier's biobank ensures that these critical resources are readily available for immediate purchase and use. This ease of access accelerates the pace of research and development projects, eliminating the common hurdles of sample acquisition.

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Sample Specifications:

•                  Up to 100M Cells

•                  PBMC Cells | Pellets | Pools

•                  Storage Temperature: -80 °C to -196 °C

•                  Diagnosis: Cancer | Autoimmune | Healthy Donor


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Yes, Central BioHub offers PBMC samples from donors with specific diagnoses such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, as well as healthy donors. This flexibility allows researchers to conduct comparative studies and explore specific areas of interest.
Our PBMC samples are preserved in state-of-the-art cryogenic storage facilities at temperatures ranging from -80 °C to -196 °C. This ensures the long-term viability and functionality of the cells, maintaining their integrity for various research purposes.
Central BioHub adheres to strict ethical guidelines and sources PBMC samples in accordance with protocols, ensuring ethical compliance, and donor confidentiality. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards throughout the procurement process.