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Sustainable global shipments

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Sustainable global shipments

Exciting News! All of our global shipments are now sent with DHL Express' GoGreen Plus, making our logistics network even more sustainable and climate-friendly than before!

By using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for the international shipping of every biospecimens order, we're cutting our carbon emissions. This means that every order you place not only advances your research, but also fosters global efforts to save our planet.

We are committed to improving our internal and external processes to become more sustainable wherever possible. Order biospecimens easily online and choose CentralBioHub for a fast and eco-friendly delivery of your research needs.

Central BioHub now uses DHL Express GoGreen Plus, which involves the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and making our logistics network more sustainable.
SAF is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional aviation fuel. Central BioHub use of SAF in international shipping helps cut carbon emissions, supporting global efforts to combat climate change.
Every order placed with Central BioHub advances research while also fostering sustainability. Our use of DHL Express GoGreen Plus ensures that global shipments are climate-friendly, aligning with efforts to protect our planet.