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We remain open

Holiday Announcement from Your Trusted Biospecimen Marketplace!

As the festive season approaches, we're excited to share that our online marketplace for biospecimens will remain open throughout the Christmas holidays! Whether you're in need of  serum, plasma, FFPE or any other samples for your biomedical research or diagnostic assay development, our doors are always open.

This means uninterrupted access to the high-quality samples you rely on, even during the holiday season. So, as you plan your research schedules, rest assured that we're here to support your scientific endeavors every step of the way. Wishing you a productive and joyful holiday season!

Yes, Central BioHub online marketplace remains open throughout the Christmas holidays, ensuring uninterrupted access to high-quality biospecimens for biomedical research and diagnostic assay development.
Central BioHub maintains stringent quality control measures year-round. Our commitment to providing high-quality biospecimens remains unwavering, even during the festive season.
Absolutely! Whether you need serum, plasma, FFPE, or any other biospecimens, you can place orders seamlessly during the Christmas holidays. Our platform is available to support your research needs.