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Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissue specimens are pivotal for research and therapeutic discovery stored at human tissue banks. FFPE samples are a form of preservation of human organs or tissues ideal for experimental, diagnostic, and therapeutic research. The human organs or tissues obtained through biopsy or resection are preserved in formalin to protect tissue characteristics and structure and later embedded in paraffin wax to form an FFPE tissue blocks which are easier to slice for form ffpe sections for microscopic histopathological examination. Explore advanced search options to procure FFPE samples for research, by clicking CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, ICD-10-CM CODES, and LABORATORY PARAMETERS.

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Significance of FFPE Samples for Research:

FFPE tumor samples are the key for cancer research. It enables morphological assessment, characteristic study, protein analysis, etc that are crucial for diagnostic and therapeutic research. Besides, FFPE specimens or FFPE tissue samples are used for research on various haematological disorders and immunological disorders as well. Understanding the relevance of FFPE specimens in contemporary research areas Central BioHub provides invaluable access to the hard-to-find human tumour tissue FFPE samples obtained from diverse clinical donors from different countries worldwide.


Insight into the FFPE samples We Offer:

Defining new spheres of oncology research, Central BioHub introduces you to the world’s largest formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissue bank. We specialise in banking thousands of genetically diverse FFPE clinical specimens such as human tumour specimens readily available for purchase. Central BioHub ensures ethical sampling of FFPE block in compliance with the strict IRB protocols and certification from the board of competent medical pathologists. Moreover, we ensure procurement of FFPE tissue samples obtained ethically from consented genuine donors of various ages, gender, race, and ethnicity. Every human tissue or organ obtained through biopsy and resection is prepared by formalin fixation (cold ischemia time) subsequently embedding paraffin wax to create the FFPE tissue blocks and FFPE tissue sections for research.
Our FFPE tissue samples are graded clinically and histopathologically to meet your research endpoints. Accelerating global oncological research, Central BioHub provides an array of FFPE tumour tissue specimens well annotated with diagnosis, organ laterality, and tumour characteristics such as the description on the primary tumour, relapse, carcinomatosis, metastatic, non-tumorous, malignancy, metastasis (lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis), TNM classification, stage, and grade of carcinoma. Moreover, we provide detailed information on genetic mutations like HER-2 receptor, oestrogen receptor, and progesterone receptor. Besides, researchers can get complete histopathological characteristics of FFPE tumour tissue, such as the percentage of tumour content and necrosis content. Fostering Cancer new drug research, we provide details on neoadjuvant chemotherapies, neoadjuvant radiations, or neoadjuvant hormone therapies the patient has undergone.Also, Central BioHub provides an extensive inventory of FFPE breast cancer samples exclusively for research. Adhering to the strict safety standards and strict IRB protocol, every FFPE tissue specimen preserved at our supplier’s tissue bank is readily available for purchase. We are scientific enthusiasts looking forward to contributing towards the expedition of cancer research and global biospecimens supply. Our top priorities are customer satisfaction and high-quality services. Reach out to us to buy ffpe blocks online.

FFPE stands for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human tissue specimens used for experimental, diagnostic, and therapeutic research purposes for decades. The human tissue is preserved for research by fixing in an aldehyde known as formalin and later embedded in paraffin wax to form FFPE samples or FFPE block.
It is advisable to store FFPE samples in an airtight container, preferably in the refrigerator at 4 degree Celsius. Some FFPE can be stored at room temperature also.
Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) method helps long-term tissue storage, preserving morphology, proteins, and cellular details. It is used for multiple research purposes, including diagnostic, therapeutic, biotech research, and genetic studies. Moreover, FFPE samples are stored at ambient (room) temperature, and therefore no sophisticated device is required for sample banking.
The tissue or organ samples are collected through resection or biopsy from the patient or donor. After excision, the specimens are immersed in 10% neutral buffer formalin for approximately 24 hours. Subsequently, the formalin-fixed tissue specimens are dehydrated by concentrates of ethanol and embedded in paraffin wax to form FFPE blocks. These FFPE samples are sliced into thin sections ideal for microscopic histopathological examination. Finally, a qualified registered pathologist ascertains and certifies the quality of the specimens.
Central BioHub offers wide rage of human tissue specimens as FFPE samples for research use. It collected from patients diagnosed with different cancers, including malignant and benign neoplasm. Oncology researchers can buy FFPE bocks or specimens well annotated with clinical information, tumour characteristic, histopathology investigation details, and cancer chemotherapy details. Every FFPE human tissue specimens is rigorously scrutinised for quality by a certified panel of pathologists and stored at our supplier’s biorepository.Besides Central BioHub also offers wide rane of FFPE breast cancer samples exclusively for research use.