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B cells are a type of white blood cells (WBCs). They are a crucial component of the immune system produced by the bone marrow of the human body. B cells are essential for regulating humoral immune response, which results in the creation of antibodies that attack foreign substances in the body.

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B cells are characterized by specific membrane-bound antibodies on their surface, which allow them to recognise and bind to particular antigens, such as proteins or sugars on the surface of pathogens like viruses or bacteria. Today, scientists focus on advanced studies on B cell isolates from blood to uncover the pathophysiology of various immunological diseases, cancers, etc. Fueling cytology research, Central BioHub offers a wide range of B cell samples gathered from patients and healthy donors. 

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Reducing human intervention and risk, Central BioHub eases the biospecimen acquisition process through our most simplified digital biospecimen marketplace. We are a group of scientific enthusiasts with an innovative approach who kindled the online biospecimen revolution. Marking an end to the traditional biosample procurement, we connect the globally renowned human biosample suppliers to biomedical researchers across boards. With the robust idea of intermediating researchers and suppliers, Central BioHub promises you a seamless biospecimen acquisition experience.

Fueling global immunological research, Central bioHub provides thousands of human cells such as T cells and B cells exclusively for research use. B cells isolated from blood specimens collected from healthy donors and patients with immune disorders, cancers, etc. The B cell samples are of high quality and well purified to yield diagnostic specificity and sensitivity. We provide anonymized information about donors, such as diagnosis, age, sex, ethnicity, and patient blood type. In addition, our scientific customer service staff helps you at every stage of the biospecimen acquisition procedure to procure cytology samples. Get your B cell specimens and other clinical research samples from Central BioHub immediately to turn your forthcoming research endeavor into something remarkable.

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Immunity refers to the bodys ability to defend against disease acquisition and pathogen invasion to disrupt an individuals normal functioning and well-being. There are three types of Immunity. ? Innate Immunity ? Adaptive Immunity or acquired Immunity ? Passive Immunity
Any disease or condition resulting from the dysfunction of the immune system is called an immunological disorder. Common immune disorders are autoimmune diseases, allergies, autoinflammatory syndrome, immune deficiency disorders, asthma, and immune system cancer.
Antibodies are produced by B cells. An antibody is a class of proteins produced by B lymphocytes, sometimes known as B cells. To neutralize diseases or foreign substances like poisons, these antibodies bind to them. For instance, an antibody can attach to a virus, preventing it from infecting a healthy cell and spreading. B cells can enlist the aid of other cells in the fight against an infected cell.
It includes B cells ethically collected from self-reported healthy donors and patients for research and development. We offer a meticulous collection of clinically graded, hyper-annotated, well-preserved B cells specimens critically examined for quality to ensure diagnostic excellence.