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Explore Urine Control Samples at Central BioHub

Central BioHub recognizes the critical importance of reliable and precise diagnostic tools in medical and scientific fields. We are at the forefront of promoting urine control samples that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Unwavering Quality with Optimal Storage Conditions

Our urine control samples are stored at -18 °C and below. This stringent temperature control is essential for preserving the biochemical composition of the urine, ensuring that the samples maintain their validity over time. Researchers and healthcare professionals can rely on these samples for consistent results. Our samples are preserved in PaxGene Urine Preservative Tubes after sample collection process. These tubes are specifically designed to stabilize RNA and DNA, further enhancing the utility of our urine samples for genetic and molecular research. Additionally, we offer urine samples preserved in Norgen’s Urine Preservative as well as samples mixed with stabilizing agents like EDTA, Azide, or Glycerol. This diverse range of preservation options not only ensures the stability of the samples but also significantly minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination.

Advanced Testing with State-of-the-Art Methods

Our urine control samples were tested with a variety of test methods, including CMIA (Chemiluminescence Micro Particle Immuno Assay), ECLIA (Electro Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay), and FIA (Fluorescence Immuno Assay).

Contributing to Health Insights

Our urine control samples from self-reported healthy individuals provide a valuable baseline and serve as control samples for disease research and other studies. These samples are instrumental in developing new diagnostic tests, investigating disease markers, and advancing our understanding of various health conditions.

At Central BioHub, we are committed to advancing science and healthcare by providing high-quality human biospecimens. Our urine control samples are the perfect tool for your diagnostic research and medical studies. Central BioHub is your partner in innovation and excellence in healthcare.

Sample Specifications:

·       Self-reported healthy donors

·       24h collections available

·       Norgen’s Urine preservative | Urine EDTA / Azide / Glycerol

Find Urine Control samples for your research in our new inventory:

·       https://centralbiohub.de/biospecimens/healthy-donors-(self-reported)/urine-control-samples

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Urine control samples are high-quality specimens used in laboratories to ensure the accuracy and reliability of urine tests. These samples serve as a standard reference to compare against patient samples during diagnostic tests.
These temperatures help preserve the integrity and biochemical composition of the urine samples, ensuring their stability over time and reliability for testing purposes.
Urine control samples are essential for calibrating laboratory equipment, validating test results, and developing new diagnostic tests. They provide a consistent benchmark that helps in the early detection and study of disease markers.
Researchers can browse and request urine control samples through Central BioHub online marketplace platform, which features an intuitive interface for easy selection and procurement.