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Urine Control Samples

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Urine Control Samples play a crucial role in a wide range of research fields, contributing significantly to advancements in medical diagnostics, treatment development, and understanding human physiology.

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Urine Control Samples for research can be  utilized in several key areas:

-        Diagnostic Development and Validation: Urine control samples are essential for developing new diagnostic tests and for the validation of existing ones. They serve as a standardized benchmark against which new assays can be compared, ensuring the tests are accurate, reliable, and reproducible.

-        Study of Metabolic Disorders: Researchers utilize urine control samples to study metabolic disorders such as diabetes, kidney disease, and metabolic syndrome. These samples can reveal abnormalities in metabolic processes by identifying markers or compounds that differ significantly from those found in healthy individuals.

-        Circadian Biology Research: Urine control samples collected over 24-hour periods are invaluable for circadian biology research. They allow scientists to study the natural physiological changes that occur throughout the day and night, providing insights into how circadian rhythms affect metabolism, hormone production, and overall health.

-        Pharmacokinetics and Drug Development: In pharmacokinetics, urine control samples are used to study how drugs are metabolized and excreted from the body. This information is crucial for drug development, helping pharmaceutical companies to design drugs that are more effective and have less side effects.

-        Biomarker Discovery: Urine is a rich source of biomarkers that can be used for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic monitoring. Using control samples, researchers can identify novel biomarkers that indicate the presence of specific diseases or the body's response to treatment.

Central BioHub’s urine samples are meticulously preserved using Norgen's Urine Preservative or combined with safeguarding substances such as EDTA, Azide, or Glycerol. This method guarantees the samples' stability and significantly reduces the possibility of bacterial contamination.

Whether advancing diagnostic techniques, exploring new treatments, or understanding complex biological processes, Central BioHub is here to empower your research with quality, accessibility, and innovation. Together, let's pave the way for future discoveries that will transform our understanding of health and disease.

Sample Specifications –

·   Self-reported healthy donors

·   24h collections available

·   Norgen’s Urine preservative | Urine EDTA / Azide / Glycerol

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These samples serve as benchmarks for comparing the results of urine-based assays, helping in the development and validation of new diagnostic tests. They are crucial for identifying metabolic abnormalities, studying the effects of circadian rhythms, understanding drug metabolism, and discovering new biomarkers for various diseases.
To maintain their stability and minimize bacterial contamination, urine control samples are preserved using specific methods, such as Norgen Urine Preservative, or mixed with protective agents like EDTA, Azide, or Glycerol.
A 24-hour urine collection provides a complete picture of metabolic activity of an individual over a full day, capturing variations that occur due to circadian rhythms or dietary intake.