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HIV Samples in Research

Banner Fighting AIDS with HIV Samples for research

Fighting AIDS with HIV Samples for research

Global efforts in the fight against HIV

Despite the advancements of biomedicine in recent years, there is still no cure for HIV infections. Nevertheless, HIV has become a manageable chronic health condition due to improved access to effective HIV prevention, early diagnosis, and symptomatic treatment options. The WHO, the Global Fund and UNAIDS all have global HIV strategies that are aiming to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

While HIV research is gaining momentum, HIV samples from infected patients provide profound insights into the molecular architecture of the virus and help to improving diagnostic test precision.


Using HIV Samples with cutting-edge methods

Serum and plasma samples from infected individuals contain genetic material and specific antigenic markers of the human immunodeficiency virus that are a profound resource for the development and refinement of diagnostic assays. Furthermore, cutting-edge techniques such as real-time PCR and next generation sequencing (NGS) allow for an enhanced detection of the virus and enable improved identification of the various viral strains as well as for the characterization of HIV mutations, which play a key part in antiretroviral resistance.

HIV biospecimens provide deep insights into the complex interplay between the virus and the human immune system. Using advanced technological approaches such as transcriptomics and proteomics, HIV samples allow scientists to get a deeper understanding of the viral tropism and immune evasion mechanisms.


Developing new treatment methods with HIV Specimen

In addition to an improved understanding of the virus, HIV biospecimen contain plenty of information about possible viral variants and immune response pathways, which is used by researchers to identify novel drug targets and to develop innovative treatment approaches such as targeted antiretroviral therapies and potential HIV vaccine candidates.

Central BioHub is dedicated to advancing HIV/AIDS research with our new collection of well-described high-quality HIV samples for research which contribute to improved precision in diagnostics testing and help ongoing global efforts to develop more innovative therapeutic treatment methods. Order your samples online and join the fight against HIV/AIDS!


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Sample Specifications:


  • Lab Parameter: HMGCR | Bacteria | Viruses
  • Test Method: CLIA | ELISA | Turbidimetry
  • Diagnosis: Infection | Self-reported Healthy


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HIV samples serve as critical references for validating and refining diagnostic tests, as they contain the genetic material of the virus and specific biomarkers. Central BioHub offers a vast collection of HIV samples for this purpose.
HIV samples provide an array of genetic and immunological information about the virus. Researchers analyze these specimens to gain molecular insights, understand the behavior of the virus, track disease progression, and develop innovative treatments like antiretroviral therapies and potential vaccines.
High-quality HIV samples ensure the accuracy and reliability of research outcomes. Accurately collected and preserved specimens with a detailed set of information are critical for upcoming discoveries and comprehensive studies on HIV/AIDS.