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How to Search for Biospecimens Online

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How to Search for Biospecimens Online

Starting Your Search: Using the Search Bar

The journey to finding your ideal biospecimen begins on our main page. Here, you'll find a prominently displayed search bar, designed to be your gateway to our extensive biospecimen database. Whether you have a specific specimen, test parameter or disease in mind or are just starting to explore your options, the search bar is your starting point. Simply navigate to our main page, and you'll see the search bar ready for your query.

Making Your Search Specific: Entering Criteria

To narrow down your search effectively, you can enter a matrix, parameter, diagnosis, or even an ICD-10 code directly into the search bar. This functionality allows you to tailor your search to the exact type of biospecimen you need for your research or diagnostic purposes. Whether you're looking for specimens based on certain medical conditions, specific parameters, or diagnostic codes, our search engine is designed to accommodate your needs.

Exploring the Options: Selecting a Search Result

After entering your search criteria, a list of search results will appear. These results are directly related to the keyword you've entered and are matching search term suggestions. Take your time to browse through the options presented. Each search result is a doorway to a potential biospecimen that could be the key to your research or project.

Delving Deeper: Reviewing Matching Samples

Once you've selected a search result that interests you, the next step is to review the samples that match your query. This process allows you to get a closer look at the available biospecimens that meet your criteria. You'll find detailed information about each sample, helping you make an informed decision.

Refining Your Results: Using Filters

To further refine your search results, our platform offers a variety of filters. These filters allow you to narrow down your options based on specific criteria, such as the type of biospecimen, collection methods, preservation type, and more. As you apply these filters by choosing them from the left-side menu, the list of matching samples will automatically refresh, presenting you with a more targeted selection of biospecimens.

Perfecting Your Search: Adding More Filters

Our platform allows you to layer multiple filters to refine your search results further, meaning you can apply as many filters as you want to your search query. This step is crucial for finding the biospecimen that best suits your project's needs.

Now that you're familiar with the process of searching for biospecimens on our platform, you're well on your way to finding the perfect sample for your needs. Stay tuned for our next video, which will guide you through accessing detailed information about each biospecimen and exporting your search results for further analysis.

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To begin your search, simply use the search bar located on the main page of the Central BioHub platform. You can enter a keyword, such as a matrix, parameter, diagnosis, or an ICD-10 code and start exploring the available biospecimens.
Yes, you can search for biospecimens using specific medical conditions or diagnoses by entering the relevant terms or ICD-10 codes into the search bar. Our database will provide you with a list of available samples related to your query.
For each biospecimen, you will find detailed information including the type of biospecimen, the condition or diagnosis associated with it, collection and preservation methods, and any other relevant parameters. This information helps you determine if the sample meets your research criteria.
If you can't find the specific biospecimen you need, consider adjusting your search criteria or adding more filters. If you still cannot find a suitable sample, please contact our customer support team (info(at) for assistance.