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CACLP and CISCE 2024

Banner Meet Central BioHub at CACLP and CISCE 2024 in China

Meet Central BioHub at CACLP and CISCE 2024 in China

Central BioHub is joining the Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) and China IVD Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) 2024, a leading event for the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry in the region. The CACLP will take place in Chongqing, China, from March 16th to 18th 2024. Meet us at the trade fair to collaborate and discuss innovative ideas for health testing and research.

What You'll Find at Our Booth

At booth N3-0434-D we will provide deep insights how our online marketplace for human biospecimens impacts healthcare and biomedical research. You can talk to our experts, learn about our services, and discover how easy and reliable the procurement of biospecimens has become.

Working Together Makes Us Stronger

This expo serves as a ground for networking and representation, where meaningful conversations can translate into valuable business collaborations. Meeting in person at our booth offers a unique chance to understand the nuances of our platform firsthand, laying the groundwork for future collaborations that could lead to significant contributions to the global healthcare landscape. Central BioHub is eager to explore these opportunities, driven by the conviction that together, we can foster a new era of innovation and progress in healthcare and biomedical research.

Meet Us in Chongqing!

We're thrilled to get to know you during the CACLP & CISCE 2024 at our booth N3-0434-D. There you will be able to get more information about Central BioHub and meet friendly faces that are eager to talk about our marketplace for research samples and possible collaborations in the healthcare sector. Request your personal meeting at the CACLP 2024 by reaching out to us at .

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Central BioHub is the leading marketplace and partner for the global scientific community, offering instant access to a diverse inventory of high-quality bio-samples. Our platform is dedicated to support medical researchers, exploration of genetic disorders and studies of complex with resources deriving from real patients.
Researchers and institutions can access our biosamples directly through our online marketplace website. Simply register on our platform, browse our extensive inventory, and place an order.
Yes, Central BioHub serves the global scientific community. We ship bio-samples to researchers and institutions around the world.
Visitors to our booth can expect detailed information about our biospecimen marketplace and will be able to discuss their specific research needs with our on-site experts.