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New features on Central BioHub

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New features on Central BioHub

Procuring human biospecimen online is now easier than ever

Our online marketplace just got a major upgrade! Navigating the largest online inventory for human biospecimens is now easier than ever. This is new:


Enhanced Search Functionality

The heart of our latest upgrade is the redesigned search functionality. Time in research is important and this new feature dramatically speeds up the process of finding the right biospecimens. We have extended the search capabilities and improved the usability, resulting in a selection of matching search terms for each category as well as the number of results!


Improved Filter Functions to Find the Right Samples

Another key aspect of our update is the improved filtering system. This enhancement allows for a more precise and tailored approach to refining your search for biospecimens. It streamlines the selection process and significantly reduces your time as less relevant options have been removed. These refined filters are now structured in a convenient way and parameters have been updated to support you in every step of your journey.


Enhanced Excel Export for your Search Results

We have implemented an improved Excel sheet to download the results of your sample search. This feature simplifies the organization and analysis of promising biospecimens, ensuring that you can manage your samples of interest more easily and effectively.


Overall Improvements in the Website Performance and Usability

The entire platform has undergone performance enhancements to ensure a faster and smarter experience for our customers. These improvements make the procurement of biospecimens more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Our update is now live and more improvements are already in the pipeline. Our aim is to ensure speed, accuracy, and exceptional convenience while procuring human biospecimens and our platform is redefining the benchmark of buying samples directly online. Be ensured that our mission to empower your research and development will continue, allowing you to focus more on your next scientific breakthrough. Discover the new era of biospecimen procurement with us.


Try out our new website features and search function:



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We have updated the interface and usability of the search bar, improved the filter function and parameters as well as the Excel export of your search results.
Simply type in anything that you are looking for. Due to the new interface, you will directly see the results of your query in each search category together with the number of matched findings.
We updated the Excel Download function of your search results. Once you refined the search with the filter function and found your samples of interest, you can download the results by clicking the button above. The sheet is now divided in two sub sheets: one contains a more general overview, and the second will give you deep insights into all available samples and tested parameters of your selection.