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Team up with Central BioHub and become a supplier

Team up with Central BioHub and become a supplier

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide. In recent years, the field of biomedical research has made significant steps in understanding the underlying mechanisms of AD and discovering novel drugs as well as biomarkers for diagnosis.

In the summer of 2023, a new drug called Leqembi was approved for the first time by the FDA as a treatment for Alzheimer´s. Leqembi targets the amyloid beta protein plaques, but additional biomolecules remain in the focus of research, requiring further investigation to broaden the spectrum of drugs against Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, biomarkers such as pTau, NfL and GFAP have been investigated by scientists and could be utilized in a proposed biomarker system called AT(N). This diagnostic system is based on markers that reflect the main pathological hallmarks of AD and could help to diagnose AD at an early stage.

Since the demand for AD drugs is at a peak and patients often face a complex course of Alzheimer´s disease, further steps in diagnostic and biomedical research and development need to be taken.


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As the largest marketplace for human biospecimens, Central BioHub is eager to push the boundaries of research by offering samples from patients with AD to the researchers worldwide. Our aim is to foster current diagnostic and biomedical investigations with high-quality specimens of various parameters and matrices. Therefore, we encourage organizations worldwide that have banked Alzheimer’s samples to get in touch with us and become a supplier in our global distribution network for human biospecimens.


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Alzheimer's Disease Sample Specifications:

  • Matrix: Serum, Plasma, CSF, Tissue (FFPE), & more
  • Tested Markers: Amyloid β, pTau, NfL, GFAP & more


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We constantly try to expand our online inventory of human biospecimens with various diagnoses, matrices and test parameters to offer a broad range of samples to our customers that can be utilized in any research and development project. Our trusted suppliers made it possible that Central BioHub is the leading online marketplace for human biospecimens by sharing their inventory with us.
Your samples make a difference! Besides increasing your revenue by selling your banked samples via our marketplace, you will also foster AD research worldwide. By teaming up with Central BioHub, you will expand your reach to new customers and market your inventory for free!
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We encourage suppliers to offer all kind of human samples from patients with AD or tested for various AD biomarkers. No matter whether your inventory lists plasma, serum, CSF, tissue, or other matrices – team up with Central BioHub and share your AD inventory with us!