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The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that human biobanks are the key contributor to discover novel diagnostic systems and potent vaccines. Contribute to escalate the quality of tomorrow’s global healthcare by joining our digital marketplace 2.0.

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Central BioHub is a global digital sales channel for human biological samples. To ensure worldwide visibility, biospecimens are promoted both online and offline. Besides, we ensure all our suppliers to stay in complete control of their bio inventory and specimen pricing.

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Your participation in the world-leading marketplace for human biospecimens increases your company's profile. The high-quality standards boost your reputation, and the global visibility facilitate the distribution of your biosamples to an enlarged customer base.

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The Central BioHub online marketplace is the most comprehensive biospecimen acquisition platform connecting thousands of biomedical research organisations with global biobanks. The intelligent Supplier Dashboard enables uploading and managing all required documents, so you keep an overview of your supplier status.

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Excellence in quality and the highest ethical standards are the cornerstones of the Central BioHub online marketplace. Therefore, the legal and ethical qualifications of every supplier are checked in a multi-stage evaluation process by experts from the Supplier Management team.

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Central BioHub unlocks the gateway to reach thousands of customers from academic research institutes, pharmaceuticals, biomedical diagnostics companies and the world's largest life science organisations. By joining the biospecimen marketplace, the supplier’s bio inventory is automatically offered to clients worldwide.

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To become a registered supplier, please visit the Supplier Registration page on our website. Fill out the required details and submit the necessary documents for our team to review. Or contact ourf Supplier Management via We will get in touch with you.
Our supplier login portal offers numerous advantages. Suppliers can efficiently manage their inventory, access real-time order information and share relevant CoA documents, invoices and shipping information. This streamlined process enhances collaboration and ensures smooth operations.